Monday, July 27, 2009

clean shower

I have a great tip for cleaning your shower...

I put cheap (the $1 kind) shaving cream on the walls and let the kids go crazy. They smear it, smoosh it, write in it and just have a grand old time. I usually have to drag them out of the tub kicking and screaming (and teeth chattering from the water getting cold) because they have so much fun. Before they get out, they have to rinse it off the walls. Voila! Instant clean walls, shh don't tell them they are cleaning for you, they will protest vehemently.

just note: the kids' shower walls are the plastic surround kind, not ceramic tile, I have never used it on tile, not sure what it would do

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hefty, Chinet, and Dixie, Oh my!

I did it. I caved. I bought paper plates about a month ago and have been using them for lunch and snacks. This goes against so much of what I hold dear. I really hate wasting things. I do not like to buy things only to throw them away. I don't like to create unnecessary trash. I really like using my dishes, Fiestaware is just plain pretty, and pizza rolls look way yummier on real dishes! Do you hear the "but" coming on? BUT, I hate running my dishwasher two (sometimes three) times a day and then having to empty it. And we were doing just that, almost everyday, using enough dishes to load and wash two times. So there, I admit it, I am contributing more to the landfills (good thing I am a recycling nazi), and the guilt I feel is enormous. I do however, love only doing dishwasher duty once a day. Oh, the yin yang of a mom's life can be so profound can't it?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

storage help

Does anyone have any ideas for storing dance costumes? Help! I am being taken over by sequins, feathers, and tulle! Should I just get rid of them, keep them, or sell them? What to do...

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back, kind of

We're still having computer problems but since my hubby's new job doesn't start until Aug. 1st, therefore, no income until then, I will have to make due with this crummy computer... until we can get it fixed or a new one. Bear with me...

I just finished the Herculean task of cleaning Zoe's room. It took me all day. Literally. I am exhausted. Five full garbage bags, four large boxes for Goodwill, rearranged furniture, scrubbing, dusting, about 10 trips to the basement and back, and reorganizing, yep, I did it all. She was devastated when she came home from dance camp. She cried her eyes out over the books I took away. Paul was here to "take the hit" and he said she was ok after a few minutes. I was at Target buying hangers for his new suits and work clothes and I was literally afraid to come home to face her wrath. She was waiting for me to give me a thorough a-- chewing when I pulled in the garage. Now, a few hours later, and with the promise of a trip to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for new artwork for her room, she is loving me and her room. Ahh, bliss. Clean room and a happy girl, what more could I ask for? I will try to post pictures when we are done, if my computer will let me.