Friday, April 30, 2010

house for sale

Oops, forgot to mention, we are getting a couple coming through our house for the second time tomorrow. Do you think they will be "the ones?" Let's hope. I am getting sick of this s*it!

I am using these " " way too much today. Yikes!

teacher appreciation

I got my hair cut last night, boy is it short! Woo, my Jo (I always call her "my") was a teeny bit ticked off at the salon desk girlies. Her client before me was 25 minutes late and so she was trying to do her color (foil highlights of course) around my hair cut appointment. I am never late and she was mad that the desk girlies didn't tell the other client she had to wait or reschedule. I was of course just thinking she was late so I was enjoying reading all the Us and People I could get my hands on, I didn't care. When it got time to do my hair she was irritated, I don't blame her, but I think she took it out on my hair. Oh well, it will grow right?! I swear I am not mad at her, she always gives me the best service, just wondering how long it will take to grow this one out a bit. Those desk girlies by the way are so annoying, all they do is gab gab gab, and check themselves in the mirrors, I have had issues with them before, just sayin'.
I look a little bit crazed in this picture because I was cracking up at Tanner. He was loving seeing us both on the computer monitor, he stood up on my lap and gave the monitor a kiss! He was giggling as we took this. So funny.

Teacher Appreciation
Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, at least I think it is! Anyway, I plan on doing the same thing I did last year (which is an idea I totally stole from my friend, Kristin) and that is give them all a box of Girl Scout cookies with a nice tag/note. Everyone seemed very appreciative remarking, "oh these are my favorites," or "mine are all gone, thanks." I kind of feel like if the wheel isn't squeakin' don't oil it. So I am sticking with what works.

This year my hubby is at a new school so I get to resurrect all my tried and true tricks for his secretaries and office ladies (and cafeteria ladies, and aides, and crossing guards, and, well you get the idea!). This is what I put together for his secretaries for "Administrative Professional's Day", sorry it was a couple weeks ago and I forgot to share them then. Oops!

I got these adorable Vera Bradley wallet/clutch things. I put in some Burt Bee's lip stuff, a sample hand lotion, and a Dove chocolate bar. Done. I was so wanting to keep one for myself, but I didn't. The whole thing was less than $20 each and I thought that was pretty good because his secretaries are super nice and they deserve tons more.

I thought this could be adapted for a teacher too (end of the year is approaching!), if you happen to like her, he he he. Honestly, I give my "biggest" gifts at the end of the year to be able to say an appropriate "thank you." Christmas, teacher appreciation, and other holidays are just a chance to show that they are in fact appreciated.

I used to be a teacher and I never wanted my students to get me anything, I always felt they couldn't afford it, most of them couldn't where I taught. The poor things would come in with dollar store stuff, so proud to give me a gift, bless their hearts. But I hope Zoe and Parker's teachers like all the goodies we give them. I never give them mugs or apple-y things, past experience dictates those are not allowed. I'm pretty sure they do, I have great taste, too bad my budget doesn't allow me to indulge.

By the way, I give the cookies to all their teachers: dance, swimming, bus driver, gym, music, art, etc. Another reason why the gifts must be on the "smaller" side.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday and a quickie

A little quickie:

Here is my newly re-organized coat closet...
Doesn't it look so spacious? That is what I was hoping for. It is seriously teeny. Some ding dong designed this huge house of mine. 3500 square feet (not counting the basement) with four bedrooms, obviously a family home, and we have the WORLD'S SMALLEST coat closet and laundry room. Grrrr... I have serious issues with these. Anyway, it is my hope that a potential buyer will open this closet and see all the space and think "wow, look at all that room!" Those big green square things are our dining room table covers, they are big and heavy and there isn't another place close to the dining room to store them. The hooks are for each kid to hang a coat they are using right now, since they can't reach the hanging rod. They keep their umbrellas there too.
See that big box? That is one of those temporary wardrobes you put together to store out of season clothes. I put most of our winter gear in it and it is stashed in the basement. Hopefully our potential buyers won't notice it and think " woah, so that is why she has so much space in that closet!"
The closet before, I know, terrible, don't get me started on how I am the only one here who takes care of anything...

Watchin' my weight Wednesday:

To keep myself gym ready at all times I have learned to prepack my bag. Funny thing, in my gym rat days before marriage, I also did this with a much huger bag filled with tons of stuff. Now I barely have time to get to the Y, let alone, linger there and shower/put makeup on, etc. And now I get dressed at home for working out, I used to go after work so I had to change, man, does that sound weird! Work. Long time ago.

I keep this cutie pie Longaberger bag hanging in my laundry room. It has my MP3 player, with a spare battery, my heart rate monitor, water bottle, lock (from my sophomore year of high school- I swear it is the same one!), and spare change for the vending machine. Hey, sometimes I drink all that water and a Diet Cherry Coke is just calling my name!
When I come home from spinning or exercising I throw the towel and water bottle in the wash and immediately put them back when they are clean. I only go to the Y a few times a week. I run on my treadmill at home on the days my hubby goes to the Y. I have weights at home too. We both try to go before the kids get up, it is hard to get motiviated that early, but I hate putting my kids in those child care rooms. Ick. And, I like to get it done early. At home, I watch VH1 music videos and they are only on at that crazy early time, makes it somewhat more enjoyable.
OK, so while my pictures we uploading, I was typing, and they are in a weird order, sorry. I don't know why I can't rearrange them... You get the idea, right?! Oh, I have an even cuter winter Longaberger bag with holly on it, I am so ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

home staging

This is one of my blatant attempts to tempt buyers to purchase our home. I printed off info about our golf course, added some golf balls and tees, threw in Zoe's grass from school and voila! Instant temptation! That is for the men/husbands who are here probably against their will with their wives who insist on seeing our house and not making an offer or lowballing (oops, I was getting a little sarcastic there, sorry!). Anyway, in addition to this, I also have fresh flowers on the counter and kitchen table, place mats with pretty napkins and plates on the island, clean towels in all the bathrooms, no toothbrushes are visible or dirty laundry, and of course the ever present pug (see his butt up there in the photo? I swear his pug butt is in 90% of my photos!) is carted away with me and the kids as we find things to do during our showings/open houses. I always have fresh cookies for open houses too, darn it, I don't want you people taking my cookies and not making us offers!!! Does any of this actually work? Or am I just killing myself trying to "stage" my home? I am not sure, I hope it works soon, I am seriously going batty trying to get this thing sold.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well I did it. I ran my first 5K in 7 years! The last one I did was when Zoe was a baby. I was definitely a lot faster then. I did finish ahead of the walkers, I think I was finishing about 32 minutes. Not terrible, not great, just done. It was horribly rainy and my mp3 player was not cooperating until mile 2 so I am blaming those factors on my less than stellar results. It was fun to do I hope to another maybe next month or so.

on my playlist for the race:
lots of Black Eyed Peas (old songs b/c my mp3 player is old and won't let me download any new ones- probably going to have to upgrade to an ipod soon, grr, I don't like those earbuds, I like my big DJ headphones, anyway...)
Jay Z- Big Pimpin'
The Dixie Chicks- Long Time Gone
ELO- It's A Livin' Thing
The Police- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
K.T. Tunsdall- Suddenly I See (my ending song, played as I ran to the finish line)

Friday, April 23, 2010

home for sale

Please keep us in your thoughts today, our potential buyers decided to come early (instead of next week) and I truly feel like today is do or die day. Oh, please, please, please...

Update: They came and spent over an hour here, wow. They offered us a ridiculously low price, we countered, now we are waiting... this really stinks.

#2 Update: They did not counter our offer so oh well, we have another showing tonight, thank goodness my house is still somewhat clean...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Zoe and Lacy are dressed in their Earth Day shirts. She just had to wear this today. So cute.

Don't have much to say about Earth Day, we try to live Earth Day everyday. I am pretty much the recycling nazi in my house, we collect rainwater to water our plants, we use those dang light bulbs (even though I think they are so ugly), we are growing lots of veggies this year, we plant trees every year (that we will have to leave when we move **sniff**), we turn off and unplug stuff, we use cloth bags at the grocery, I have already picked out my compost bin for the new house (again, when we move), we eat lots more organic food now, we shop at the farmer's market when it is session, my husband rides a scooter for all errands (used to ride it to work- now it is too far away), we are looking forward to moving to our new "sidewalk" community so we can walk and bike everywhere... that's all I can think of for now, I know we do lots more, we really do try to be conscious of our carbon footprint.

In honor of Earth Day, I planted flower seeds with the kids (even Tanner) that they got in their Easter baskets. We fed the birds really special bird food, we put out some nuts for our squirrels who visit every day. We will also spend most of the day outside. Actually, we do this pretty much every day, but we are just acknowledging it I guess.

I am super excited to watch "Food Inc." this weekend, if I get a spare 91 minutes. I read the book and watched snippets of it already. I think this will make me even more focused on being healthy/natural.

This morning I read in our local newspaper about the Miller/Coors brewery right next door to us (basically). They have reduced their garbage output to about 1%. They recycle or reuse 99% of their waste! That is amazing! I freakin' love it! They have mandatory recycling and the grains they don't use for brewing are given to local cow farms. Employees ride bikes from one end of the facility to another (about 40 acres). Office trash cans were removed so people have to get up to throw things out, which makes them more apt to recycle instead of mindlessly throwing things away. The only things they send to the landfill are lunch trash and bathroom trash. They had a goal to do this in five years, they did it in two. I am so proud of them, I am going to find a way to send them a note saying how awesome they are. If they can do it, so can other people/companies. Right?!

Now go hug a tree or something.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday and updates

Update: April get organized challenge

Here are all of Zoe's baking things: Easy Bake Oven, Cupcake maker, Princess Baker, etc. etc. etc. They fit in a ginormous tub. Not the little ones you use for Legos or something, the big ones you store your kid's outgrown clothes in. This bin has been moved to the basement. We had to get it out once already so she could make a mess, I mean, make some treats. It was actually kind of nice, because I just put it on the floor and told her she had to put everything back when she was done. Guess what, she did. Might be the first time.
Here is the cabinet before I took all her schmag out... I'll show you the "after" some other time.

Update: house for sale

OK, my Facebook friends already know this but our potential buyers are coming back Tuesday (in one week) to look at our house for the third time. Alright, if I wasn't a high-strung worry wart before, I have definitely crossed over to the dark side. Apparently, the man/husband wants a walk-out basement. Our house does not have a walk out. BUT he is a big golf fan, our home IS on a golf course, hole #8 to be exact. Which would you choose? The house with an extra door (our competition does have a walk out, but it is not as pretty as my house, or as new- yes I am biased, get over it) OR would you pick an "estate" home on a golf course, which happens to be your #1 hobby?! (By the way, yes, our house is considered an "estate" in our neighborhood, we paid extra for that, so I can throw that term around all I want.) Ugh, I am going to lose my mind or gain 50 pound from this adventure.

Which leads me to this...

Update: Watchin' my weight Wednesday

The good folks at M&Ms are trying to kill me. It is a conspiracy. It truly is. First, they made those peanut butter ones, then almond, then dark chocolate, then mint, then cherry, then krispy, and now this! My two favorite snacks all rolled into one! You can't be serious!? In my defense, Parker spotted these at a recent Wal-mart trip. We bought one little bag and he and I shared them with Tanner. I'm not sure how many the boys actually ate. Everything in moderation, right? Isn't that the key to long-term weight loss success?!?

I was back at Wal-mart Monday (I don't usually go that often, but anyway) and Parker said, "look mommy, dere's dose yummy MM's" to which I replied, "yep, let's go." Score one for me. It was like they were calling my name as I stood there waiting for our cashier to blow her nose about six times before she could check us out. Yuck, hand sanitizer anyone? I quickly realized if I got them, it would be a result of stress, not true hunger or cravings.

If you haven't tried them yet, they are DELICIOUS! You want to go to Wal-mart now don't you? Just do the self check out.

Update: my 5K goal

I am going to attempt to run my 5K Saturday morning. It is the same day as Zoe's dance pictures, Parker's soccer game, and hubby's school prom. Should make for a fun-filled day. I probably won't have a picture to show since it is early and my family probably won't be there to cheer me on at the finish, as I imagined, but I will share my (pathetic) time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crocs for one, Crocs for all

We are ready for warm weather...
green= Paul
pink= me
yellow= Tanner
blue= Zoe
red= Parker

I recently got us all Crocs. (You can't see it but Paul's and Tanner's are right next to each other, it is crazy to see the size difference.) I resisted Crocs until now for myself and Paul, they are kind of goofy looking and they don't fit my feet really well, or Paul's for that matter. I do however think they are adorable on kids, all those bright colors, so cute.

Anyway, Paul and I each had soccer flip flops to wear when we were running outside to take the dog out or trash or whatever. Well, the flips finally flopped. We had to throw them out, they were coming apart, mine were held together with duct tape so it was time. I found my Crocs and Tanner's at Hallmark (clearanced price 60% off!) and the rest I got at the outlet mall. Zoe and Parker were wanting different colors but blue and red were on sale, that made my choice easy. The kids love being able to just throw these on and run outside. I do have to admit, I am missing my taped flip flops, nostalgia, I guess. Bring on the warm weather!

Monday, April 19, 2010

last competition

I love these little girl tap shoes, next year she will get the big girl kind, not as cute.
All the girls dressed as Lucy (from the Peanuts), these hair things crack me up.

Zoe's last competition was Saturday. Whew, it was a doozy, we were gone for about 13 hours. Her dances last about 3 minutes each. Seems crazy doesn't it? All that time for 6 minutes of dancing?! Every time we have a competition, I groan and dread it because it is so much time and a lot of effort, but seriously, I've said it before, Zoe loves it. She did not complain ONE TIME, all day. She was bubbly, giggly, excited, having fun. We went out to lunch in between her last dance and awards with the girls from her team and she loved that too.

Parental sacrifice takes on a much deeper meaning for me on these days. At the start, I feel myself ticking away the minutes until I can go home but as the day goes on, I feel the excitement too. Instead of checking the time every five minutes, I found myself laughing and being silly too with my girly. When she dances, I get all teary-eyed, not sure why, pride, nostalgia for my own dancing days, relief, who cares. Watching your little one shine is pretty amazing.

And did I mention, her team got a "Platinum" rating for their ballet?! This is the highest rating they can get, they also got a judge's award for this number, and first place in their division. I know parents all over feel so proud when their children succeed, I know I am not the only one, I'm glad I was able to be in the moment for this special day, it was actually a relief after all the house stuff we have been going through. Shine on tiny dancer!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

My friend Kristin makes THE BEST popcorn on the planet (I know too because I worked at a movie theater for years and I ate it all the time, and I have tried jillions of kinds, don't question me, just know it is true.) She swears all she uses is oil and salt but I swear she has a secret ingredient. I eat popcorn a lot, it is low calorie and very filling and besides that it's just plain scrumptious.

I got a huge mambo-jambo bucket of kernels at Costco (where they only sell mambo-jambo sized everything) and vowed to make popcorn as good as Kristin's. Well, I am lazy about some things and I thought, I am not going to stand over this darn stove wiggling this pan while the popcorn pops. Can you believe my sloth? Seriously, I cook three meals (plus snacks) a day people, if I can take a break, I do!

So I thought I can make my own microwave version. (Later I Googled "homemade microwave popcorn and found a zillion recipes and videos, but I am still going to claim this as one of my inventions because I didn't Google it first. I can claim ignorance.) I grabbed a brown lunch bag, put the kernels in, sprayed a little Pam in there, folded the top down on the bag. Set the microwave for about four minutes and voila! It popped just like the kind you buy at the store AND it was yummy! (Not as good as Kristin's.) Parker and Tanner and I ate two troughs/bowls of it today. I am so proud of my "invention" because it is weight watcher friendly (without the butter of course) and friendly for my pocket book (does anyone call them that anymore? besides my Grandma?). Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

time to chill

He kind of looks like one of the dwarfs from Snow White... but he isn't quite as handy...

I have been doing so stinkin' much cleaning lately, it seems like I might surely die from inhaling Lysol kitchen cleaner or from the cuts on my hands that are so dried out from all the cleaning/washing. I am relieved the people who came through our house twice are gone, I am hoping to relax tonight...

Monday, April 12, 2010

for sale by owner

Doesn't this look like a house you'd like to own?

We have had to list our house ourselves since we fired our last realtor and let me just tell you it is hard work. Wow, I cannot tell you how much we have had to do this last week or so. Today we have our first showing and I am a nervous wreck. Completely. Totally. I don't know why, this is our same house we've had on the market for a year but now that we are responsible for the marketing it feels like more pressure somehow. Please keep us in your thoughts as the people come through today. I have been praying to St. Joseph like crazy. It's not so much that I want to move but I am ready to move on, does that make sense? This year of finding an agent, firing two of them, keeping my house "show ready", not having pictures of my kids on the walls, packing up my trinkets, loading up the car for open houses and showings is starting to take its toll on me. I am beginning to feel like a real curmudgeon, and that is not my personality at all. Listing "for sale by owner" is kind of our last hope, the last thing we can do to get this thing sold. Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us.

Holy cow! Our potential buyers are coming back tomorrow for a second look. Pretty please keep us in your thoughts...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dayton Dragons

Oh my goodness, we had such a fun night last night.

We went to a Dayton Dragons minor league baseball game. We have been before and we love it. The venue is much smaller than a major league game and it is very family friendly. As we were walking in, one of the workers stopped us and asked us to have Tanner participate in a "Toddler Race" in between innings. They do lots of silly skits throughout the game and they are very funny and entertaining. So of course, we said, yes. We went down to meet the Dragons guys and they took us on the field and Tanner got to "race" two other babies on a big mat, and guess what?! He won! Woo! Well, he mostly cried (it was very cold last night- we were totally dressed in about 50 layers) and wandered around trying to find me. The other babies were falling and toddling like they were supposed to do but Tanner officially broke the crepe paper finish line. So he was declared winner. He got to keep his t-shirt and bragging rights.

On the way back inside the dugout (oh yeah, that's how we roll) we saw Ken Griffey Sr. I almost crapped my pants! I am a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, and to meet him and be two feet away from him was a big unexpected surprise. Not to mention I was freaking out being on the field, under the stadium, in the DUGOUT! It was minor league but I didn't care, it was so much bigger than I thought it would be. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a bat girl for the Reds so much. OMG, I love basketball, especially my Wildcats, but baseball was my childhood love and since having kids I haven't been able to go to many games but the love hasn't died. If anything, last night was a good reminder to me, to go to more games and take the kids with me to share the love. I kept telling Zoe and Parker how lucky they were to be having the experience and they were so like whatever. I hope someday they recall last night fondly.

My only regret was not having my camera, we were going to use Paul's phone but seriously, we were so excited, we couldn't think straight. CBS news was there taping a segment on the team because they sell out consistently (for the last 11 years) and it is considered to be one of the top family outings in the nation. So I am hoping Tanner will make his national tv debut on the Sunday show. If you watch, and it shows the race, he was the one crying in the red shirt.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Get-Organized Challenge

Hi y'all! I am finally getting around to beginning my April Get-Organized Challenge, I'm only a week late. (We'll blame it on us having to fire our last realtor and get our stuff ready so we can sell our home ourselves, more on that later)

So for April I am challenging myself and you to clean up the kitchen. I always do a good cleaning of my kitchen in the spring which usually entails scrubbing the cabinets with Murphy's Oil, degrunging the silverware drawer, uncrusting the fridge, sorting the freezer to find out what that mystery thing is wrapped in foil. I choose spring because once summer hits, well, we are outside, then fall comes and it is back to school time, then winter which brings baking and holiday madness, so you get the idea, now's as good a time as ever.

I will admit that I am not going to totally overhaul every cabinet and drawer because honestly, they don't all need it. I have done a good job of keeping most of them clutter free and pretty well organized, but there are a few that need attention.

First, these. One of the things we saw in a model home before building this one that I fell in love with. I had visions of displaying all my Longabergers and pretty stuff. Then we moved in and I found them to be a weird size. Too small for most Longabergers, too shallow for most plates/pretty stuff and if you rearrange the shelves they look bad behind the glass doors. SO, I plan on purging a bunch of stuff from here, a lot of hand-me-downs that I don't use and stuff that won't fit in one of the teeny houses we will have to get when we move. AND I do hope to show off my beloved Longabergers better, while I can. I am pretty sure when we move, I will have about three total cabinets in my entire kitchen. Ho hum, tearing up, moving on.

This is my silverware drawer, except I don't have real silver, but who cares? It's not terrible, just needs resorted and decrumbed. And I guess I should put away those teeny baby spoons, Tanner is sort of past those...
This is my "junk" drawer. It is the only place in the house where things that don't have a spot go. It is usually not this bad but Zoe loves to get tape and staplers out of here (I keep a bare minimal amount of office supplies in here so I don't have to run up to my desk) and she is not the best one at putting things back in their proper place. Let me add, she has her own supplies and we have more supplies in our art cabinet but these are "easier" for her to get, so she says. As with most junk drawers, it is a catch-all and it just needs sorted and cleaned out at least once a year or so.
My tupperware cabinet, except I only have one real Tupperware piece, the rest are all cheapos from the grocery store. I do love Tupperware though, wish people still had parties like they used to, I would totally stock up. It is a complete mess, Tanner loves it in here, like all babies do. It also houses a lot of Zoe's baking things (Easy Bake Oven) that she uses like once every three months or so (that is about all I can take of the messes created by these toys). These will be stored elsewhere, very soon.
This is my spice/baking stuff lazy Susan. It is a mess of all messes. Tanner has discovered it and he loves taking everything out and pouring salt into nice mounds on the floor. I have been grabbing things and shoving them back in here at the end of the day so now it looks like a hurricane hit. I am not sure what to do with this, I really like having my spices here because it is right where I prep and cook, plus these cabinets are dumb, they don't hold much of anything due to their round design. So I will probably purge a lot and scrub up the spilled stuff and relocate some things to the big pantry. I have visions of matching jars and containers with labels a'la Martha style, but I probably won't spend the money on those right now.
Well wish me luck, I will try to keep you posted. I hope you are inspired to dump a drawer and resort it or get rid of those old chipped glasses or label something, it is so refreshing and nice to have completed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Yummy yogurt cheeks!

I have really been doing a lot of self-teaching/researching/reading/thinking about food for the past year since I started Weight Watchers. I know things that I didn't know before and it has really had an effect on our family. We are buying mostly organic produce, dairy, and meat (if it is available) and we are eating other organic products as we try them and like them. I am positive it is making us healthier. I am considering joining one of those CSAs (where you get produce directly from a local farmer), I am using my bread making machine at least once a week and we are all eating way more fruits and veggies then ever before.

But you know what I read (sorry can't remember where) that really struck a cord with me? It was in regards to choosing what to eat, it said something like, "if you won't feed it to a baby or eat it while you are pregnant, do you really think you should eat it?" Wow! Simple, easy, memorable, and true.

Of course, I think M&M's are exempt because all my kids had them during their time cooking in my oven and as their first real candy, I just can't resist those little chubby toddler fingers grabbing for a teeny chocolatey treat and no matter how healthy we are striving to be, we won't give them up. So on that note, I am going to go move around, all this Easter candy is soooo... tempting.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring things

Ok, so this hat is a bit too small... but isn't he just the cutest!? Don't you just love how his finger is poised to ring the bell? He loves to ring the bell, so fun.

I wore flip flops for the first time since last year.
I made it to spinning at 5:30 even though I was up late (until midnight) screaming at the NCAA final game, seriously, I could go on forever about how mad I am that Duke (can't believe I just typed that name on my blog!) won...
Parker gave me a dandelion, "just cos I love you mommy" he said.
Our trees have flowers on them.
My tulips are blooming.
I plan on doing about 10 loads of laundry, oh yeah, we have that much.
I sorted out my old coupons and ready to add new ones to the binder.
I listed our house on Craigslist myself, screw those nasty realtors.
I might make it to the grocery today, need produce, baaaaaaad.
I finished switching the kid's closets from winter to summer clothes.
I ate PB & J for breakfast on toast, yummo.
It is going to be 83 degrees, yes!
I found three new recipes I want to make this week, hence, need to go to the grocery.
I am feeling happy.

Another thing to share... totally random...
I heard my alarm go off this morning when I was right in the middle of a dream. In my dream, I was at a party for 5K runners. (Whatever, they don't have those, I don't think!) An old boyfriend was there and he was telling me how I messed up his whole life by not staying with him, blah blah. (Just a note, I haven't thought of said boy for about 20 years or so, weird!) Then, this is the kicker, Alice Cooper, yes, him, came up to me wearing spandex shorts no less, and said, "you're lookin' good kiddo, keep it up." Then he gave me a football player butt smack, you know, like the kind they do after they huddle. If you are a dream analyzer, that one should keep you busy for a while.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

If anyone has a trick to getting more than one child to look "right" in a posed picture, please share. I have learned to embrace flawed posed photos. That's life, right?! I mean, Tanner has a big bruise on his cheek while he is holding his snack cup, Parker only smiles if I say "you have stinky feet" and Zoe, well she thinks she should be the ONLY person ever captured on film, center of the shot of course. And they are not even dressed in cute Easter pastels, oh well, like I said, that's life!

Happy Easter from me and my bunnies!