Wednesday, April 14, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

My friend Kristin makes THE BEST popcorn on the planet (I know too because I worked at a movie theater for years and I ate it all the time, and I have tried jillions of kinds, don't question me, just know it is true.) She swears all she uses is oil and salt but I swear she has a secret ingredient. I eat popcorn a lot, it is low calorie and very filling and besides that it's just plain scrumptious.

I got a huge mambo-jambo bucket of kernels at Costco (where they only sell mambo-jambo sized everything) and vowed to make popcorn as good as Kristin's. Well, I am lazy about some things and I thought, I am not going to stand over this darn stove wiggling this pan while the popcorn pops. Can you believe my sloth? Seriously, I cook three meals (plus snacks) a day people, if I can take a break, I do!

So I thought I can make my own microwave version. (Later I Googled "homemade microwave popcorn and found a zillion recipes and videos, but I am still going to claim this as one of my inventions because I didn't Google it first. I can claim ignorance.) I grabbed a brown lunch bag, put the kernels in, sprayed a little Pam in there, folded the top down on the bag. Set the microwave for about four minutes and voila! It popped just like the kind you buy at the store AND it was yummy! (Not as good as Kristin's.) Parker and Tanner and I ate two troughs/bowls of it today. I am so proud of my "invention" because it is weight watcher friendly (without the butter of course) and friendly for my pocket book (does anyone call them that anymore? besides my Grandma?). Enjoy.

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Becca said...

Congrats to Miss Zoe! She looks adorable!