Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm here

Thanks to you bloggy mommas who have wondered if I fell off the earth. I guess I just fell out of blog land. Not intentionally. I just literally have not sat down in about two months. I hope to catch up with everyone soon. But as we all know the big holiday is in six days, holy heck, and I probably won't get a chance to check in until after Santa's visit. 
I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years. Enjoy this time with your lovely families.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Watchin' My Weight Wednesday

Farmer Tanner (and the ever present pug butt)
 Tanner is in a pre-preschool class and they were allowed to wear their costumes for a Halloween party. He is a farmer this year. He chose that about three months ago, maybe after we went to the fair (?) and has not wavered. I think he thinks farmers and cowboys are one in the same, because he says, "I look like Woody mom" (from Toy Story). I don't care, he just looks cute. I loved, loved, loved going to Tractor Supply Company to get these overalls. I love that store. I always wanted to be a cowgirl.
 He insisted I bring up the horse from the basement so he could ride. All. Day. Long.
 That thing was heavy! Does that count as my weight lifting/cardio for the day? Just kidding.
I've tried about every kind of fitness fad there has been in the last 20 years. Step areobics, Tae Bo, Pilates, yoga, running road races, cycling/spinning, boot camps, dance aerobics (this was before Zumba- I do want to try this one), giant exercise balls, jumping rope, exercising with giant rubber bands, home DVDs, you name it, I've tried it. They all work to some degree. But like anything, you have to DO it or they don't work at all. The one thing I do still want to try that I am afraid of is horse back riding. I rode a little when I was younger but only a couple times. I don't remember it very much. I think it would be so awesome to  be flying wild and fast on the back of a beautiful strong horse. I've heard it is a tremendous leg, booty, abs and back workout too. But really in all honesty I just want to embrace my inner cowgirl. Maybe this summer, that would be a great family outing. I might not be racing around but it would be kind of a bucket list thing. For now, I'll stick with running, spinning, and weight lifting. They are working and I enjoy them. But I can dream can't I?

Are there any exercise things you want to try but are afraid to do?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday/Tuesday Check in

I posted this on Facebook so sorry friends who already heard this story. But I love it.

Tanner and Asher and I came home from the grocery today. Tanner asked if we could listen to a song we heard in the car again. It was a Sting song, and you gals know how much I love Sting (a whole bunch of oodles, in case you forgot). I was so happy. Yes! Most of the time he requests Weird Al's "Fat", what in the heck was I thinking letting him listen/watch that on Youtube? And when I asked him if he wanted a salad for lunch he said, "YES mommy, I love salad!" He was so happy. The kid really likes salad. So we found a Sting concert on Youtube, and danced and munched for lunch. It was glorious. Awesome day.

things I am doing this week:
  • writing thank you notes
  • labeling pictures to mail
  • getting Halloween costumes for me and Big Tall Hubby
  • fixing our house for sale sign, after 3+ years, it needs some work
  • wrapping and delivering a gift for our little chatterbug neighbor
  • mailing books to my Big Tall Father in Law
  • calling the sprinkler people for fall service

my menus for this week:
  • lots of party leftovers
  • Big Tall Hubby has one of those weeks, where he is working late every day so the kids and I will be foraging for food in our fridge

Have a super awesome week!

Friday, October 19, 2012

we found bigfoot

I've told you how my boys* (Big Tall Hubby included) are addicted to that show "Finding Bigfoot." A few weeks ago, I took the kids to the flea market because Big Tall was at an Ohio State Football game. Look what we found. 

Sasquatch Yard Art!
I swear I wanted to buy it. Just to piss off my grumpy, unsocial, frowny-faced neighbors. Wouldn't that be excellent? We sent this pic to Big Tall at the game and I don't know if his eyes are getting bad or he had too many at the tailgate party but he thought it was real, for a minute. Do you think I should go back and get this for our yard? It is completely tacky but I would love to irritate my neighbors for real. We live on the grumpiest street in America. I have tried giving my neighbors baked goods, picking up their trash cans after a windy storm, snow blowing their sidewalks, and they are still the meanest people I have ever seen. All of them, (with the exception of one family) I am not kidding. Anyway. I think they hate kids or something. My poor kids will wave and say "hi" desperate for someone to reciprocate and they all ignore them. I'm surrounded by rude, idiotic, dumby heads (I'm referring to my neighbors).

*I try to tell my guys that if they really found Bigfoot, we'd know already. It would be on the news/web, not on some show taped months ago. They refuse to see my logic. Instead, they all make Bigfoot calls periodically and look for tracks at every park or wooded area we might travel to. **sigh**

Thursday, October 18, 2012

find a treasure

Don't you love it when you find little treasures in the laundry? This little Go Go guy was just sitting there when I opened the dryer. Like, "hey lady, get me out of here!" I'd rather find a washed and dried $20 bill that was left over from last winter and fell out of a coat pocket (trip to the antique mall?) but a Go Go guy still brightened up an otherwise weary chore. 
 I found this on the same day I read a friend's facebook post about being all off her laundry "day" schedule. She was ranting about how she didn't get to do her laundry on her certain day and now she was all behind. One day for laundry? I wanted to comment, "oh you have no idea, I do thirty loads of laundry every week..." blah blah blah, but I just  read the next post and thought, what in the heck would I do with all that free time?

Have a great day. If you must do laundry today, I hope you find a treasure!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watchin' my Weight Wednesday

This picture is from (almost) two years ago. I had just figured out that I was pregnant and hadn't told a soul because it was a shocker and I was like those teen age girls you think of who deny it until they have a baby in the toilet. Well, I'm not quite extreme, but still. I remember thinking, "well crap, now I'm going to have to go on a diet, again." I am wearing those same jeans today. I wouldn't say they are my favorite "skinny mom" jeans (remember that from Sex and the City?) however, I am glad I can finally get them up over my thighs and get them buttoned without too much of a muffin top. Asher is 14 (almost 15 months) old and this time has definitely been the longest it has taken to get back to my prepregnancy weight. Bummer thing is, I'm at my old weight but my clothes still don't fit right. I think if I lost a little more, things would button easier, be a little looser, look a little more flattering. I'm trying super hard not to be all perfectionist about it, I mean, I have had four kids (!) and that's pretty stinkin' hard. I have seen people never get back to their old selves after having kids. I'm definitely taking the slow and steady pace. I've been working out regularly (love going back to spinning) and it helps to make myself write about it here, accountability and all so hopefully I'll be where I want to be soon. For now, I'm going to enjoy wearing some of my old jeans, even if they're out of style now. ;)

Songs I've been enjoying on my treadmill lately:
Tempted by Squeeze
50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train
Pump It by Black Eyed Peas
3 by Britney Spears
Gangham Style - who doesn't love this one?
Anything by Stevie Wonder :)

So I ask you blog mommas (i.e. experts on everything)... do you think you've had to lose more weight than you gained after having a baby to look like you "used" to?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't procrastinate

This is an old chest we keep in our computer room.  We keep home and toy warranties, appliances paperwork, some of Big Tall Hubby's school stuff, and a few other random things, as you will see.  When I was a young single gal, it actually held winter clothes and gear. Fast forward to a married gal (notice I didn't say "young" anymore) and it has become a trash pile. 

It's one of those things that has been driving me crazy. I rarely open it but when I do, I cringe and say, "I hate this thing, it is such a mess." Then I take a few deep breaths and close the lid, as fast as I can.
 I began by taking everything out and making piles: keep, recycle, toss, file in a different place. Then I took off clothes because I was working so fast and furious I started to sweat.  Well, I really just took off my ratty slippers (see them, they are so gross, need to put that on my Christmas list), I kept my other clothes on. "Naked Organization Projects" now there's a blog that would make me some money!
 Here's the recycle pile. I had to measure it. Seven plus inches. That doesn't sound impressive but it looked like it in person.
 Asher and Max coming to "help." 
 Asher found something to read and settled in Max's cage. All my kids have done this. It makes me feel ill but they are drawn to it like moths to a flame. By the way, he was "reading" the manual to my label maker. Hee hee! Like his mommy! It was one of the mysterious things I found in the cabinet.
 I put some "school stuff" in a plain old box for Big Tall Hubby. I was really wanting to toss it all but I know he'll find me later and say, "do you know where that folder is..." and I want to be ready. I used a box because, well, Amazon had just delivered something and I was too lazy to go in the basement to find something better. Sometimes laziness wins.
 Big Tall Hubby keeps all his daily planner inserts. Why? How the heck would I know? I don't argue with him. I do however get sick of looking at these binders so I put them in here. He can dig around in here on the off chance he needs to look something up.
 On the left here is our house binder. It long ago exploded but I still have everything from when we built the house. You would not believe how often I have had to refer to this thing. (Like last week when the furnace people were trying to convince us that we needed to replace our 8 year old furnace!)

The right is a little basket that holds warranties for tvs, toys, and other small things that would not stay with the house if we ever moved.
 Here it is all straightened up. It isn't that pretty but a big improvement over the "before."
 I found this huge pen in here. The kids love it. It is pretty funny. I also found my childhood baton (Zoe was stoked!), a couple picture frames, and a picture CD that had some really cute pics of the kids on it. Buried treasure, you've got to love it.
I've said it before and I guess I have to keep reminding myself, don't procrastinate!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday check in

We survived the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.
 It must have been the lights or the lightning fast speed at which the kids were moving through that place because my pictures were all pretty crummy from the night. I can assure you that the kids had a blast. It was worth buying the top of the line party, there were tired, exhausted, spent kids at the end of the night. I told Parker that he'd get one Chuck E. party in his life (that's all I can stand) and it did not disappoint. We had the nicest party girl who helped us all night. I gave her a hefty tip, it was well earned. I think we are all still recovering. Is it possible to have a hangover from that place? By the way, I didn't drink anything alcoholic (even though it is available) and I am still hungover.
 Birthday treats at school, I forgot to take a picture of my awesome cupcakes. They had vampire teeth and "blood" on them. They were cool. Trust me. The kids all said, "whoa, those are cool!" See, would I lie to you?
 Stair picture. My favorite. He lost that front tooth the night before. I didn't even know it was lose enough to wiggle! What the heck kind of mom am I?!
Now on to more festivities... we're having a family party this weekend. I am going to attempt to make an Angry Birds cake. I hope I remember to take pictures!

my things to do this week:

  • get out party stuff (it takes a week ya know)
  • paint some trim in our kitchen that was neglected after our new counters put in (procrastinate much?)
  • get ready for party and out of town guests
  • maybe find costumes for Big Tall Hubby and myself (we know what we want to be, I just have to find supplies at Goodwill)
  • find Speedy and Sugar (our hamsters escaped, no, I am not kidding, welcome to life with four kids)
There is a whole bunch of stuff I put on my list but really, who am I kidding? I know all I'll do is clean house and get ready for our party.

my menus this week:

  • um, yeah, well, leftover pizza from Chuck E. Cheese
  • more leftovers
  • some stuff from last week I forgot to make
  • spaghetti (I had to put that one in!)

as you can see, I have no meal plan for this week, blame it on my hangover

I hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watchin' my weight Wednesday and Office Depot help

Watchin' My Weight Wednesday

I don't have anything profound to share about my quest to be healthy this week other than I finally made it back to spinning class. I kept telling myself I would be at those 5:30 AM classes as soon as Asher slept through the night regularly. Well, if I kept waiting for that to happen, I'd be 62 or so. I was already getting up early to work out at home so this week I just went to the Y and it was glorious. Why in the heck did I wait so long? Well, sleep deprivation for one, but really, it was fun and energizing and just what I needed. Now we have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I am giddy with excitement!  These will be a nice supplement to my treadmill and weights workouts. And everyone from my old class was still there (on the same bikes) like a time warp. It was weird but wonderful at the same time. They all seemed glad to see me again. I love spinning.

Office Depot Help

A couple weeks ago I had this on my "to do" list. I had Parker's kindergarten journal writing bound at Office Depot. I've done this before with homemade scrapbooks, mini recipe books, and a couple other things. It is really a nice service they provide, and fairly inexpensive. I think this was about $6 total.

My Office Depot has the nastiest people working there. Sorry, it's true. They always, and I mean, always act like I am the most annoying customer in the store, like they cannot be bothered with me. I would feel like it was true except I am usually the only person in there. I have to go a lot to get house flyers copied and just random supplies we need. I have sworn that I won't go back and now we have a new Staples that just opened so meanies at Office Depot, pooey on you! 

Anyway, I saved all Parker's kindergarten journals. His teacher made a new one each month and sent it home as they were completed. I made a cover (included one of his pictures) and had the meanies put a plastic sleeve cover on as they bound it. Doesn't it look cute? I think the binding is so nice. Zoe's teacher did the same thing but she put it all in a 3 ring binder, it's nice too and I would never redo it since it's already done. I just find the binding makes it more finished.
 Just for fun, here is his first entry. A drawing of I don't know what.
 Here is the last one. Him in his room reading comic books. It looks exactly like his room. This boy is such an artist. And look, 3 lines of writing! 
I am happy with the end result of this project. It is a nice keepsake for Parker. Or some day when I give it to him, he'll be thinking, "man, now what am I going to do with another scrapbook?!"  Hee hee.

Just a note, I saved this project to drop off now when my two big kids are in school because only taking two little ones to the store is always easier. The bigger ones see all the computer games and markers and post its and they get the biggest case of the "gimmies" you ever saw. In case you were thinking I was as slow as molasses getting a kindergarten project done and my boy is in first grade now! I have my reasons and my own since of warped logic people!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

plastic envelopes for piles

You'd think with half my kids in school all day, I'd have twice as much time to do "stuff." (How do you like my jenny-math? Hee hee) Well, I don't. Have time to do stuff that is. I feel like I run around all day long like a maniac and then at 9:00 when the kids are finally asleep, I still have at least 90 minutes of work to do. Every. Stinkin'. Day. 

Anyway, I have a huge kitchen island (as you've seen before) and since I am in the kitchen almost all day, I usually stand up and do my "stuff" there. Well, you can imagine the piles that would build up. I'll bet you have a couple on your kitchen counter right now, don't cha? When the kids came home from school, more piles. Big Tall Hubby home from work, more piles. My piles (which usually contain the most important stuff, at least I think so) were getting all mixed up and shoved aside, sometimes shoved to the floor. Imagine me going on a tirade after that...yep. It was ugly. 

So I had to come up with a plan. I found these plastic envelopes in my organizing stash of baskets, bins, and pails. I really don't know where I got them. Maybe a handmedown from someone? I had some when I was actually able to go to scrapbooking workshops and I needed a place to put my projects on the go.
 These are perfect for putting a small-ish pile of things that I am working on. The above one is information for the upcoming Chuck E. Cheese soiree'. The one below contains thank you notes I have to write for Asher's birthday that was yes, two months ago. Don't judge. My family knows Asher and I are thankful! Hey family, you'll probably get these and Parker's thank you notes sometime before Christmas! (Just because I am organized doesn't mean I have time to write notes!!!)
I also like being able to tote these envelopes around on the off chance I have to be sitting at a dance class or sport practice and I have 5 minutes to write in peace.

It's all their fault. I tell ya. These guys do not stop!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Check-In

What did you do this weekend?

Me? Well, I finally cleaned out my spice cabinet. (By the time I was finished, I was exhausted, this was a late Friday night project and I forgot to take an "after." It was homecoming at Big Tall Hubby's school so I was a principal's widow all weekend.)

And I made donuts. My kids' favorite. Here is the recipe.

I also attended a lacrosse game and a Bengals game! Whee, it wasn't all work. I enjoyed that a lot.

I am trying to take it easy this week. I have been killing myself with laundry and closet reorgs the last few weeks and I need a break. It is my Parker's birthday this weekend. He wore me down and I agreed to have a Chuck E. Cheese birthday for his friends. (We're doing a family party next weekend.) I think I am going to need all my extra strength to get through that party. I loathe C.E.C. It is just sticky and icky there. I just want to scrub everything. Blech! But I know kids love it.

my things to do this week:

  • clean out our armoire/chest in the computer room
  • label the kids' recent pictures
  • look up some recipes for hazelnut spread
  • get the kids' Halloween costumes
  • get Parker's birthday gift
  • and a I have a few lingering things from last week, mostly little notes and things to write

my menus this week: (easy, fast, boring)

  • baked chicken, rice with red beans, broiled carrots
  • sweet and spicy chicken/tofu and veggie stir fry, rice
  • spaghetti, salad, breadmaker french bread
  • taco soup with quesidillas
  • pizzas and breadmaker bread sticks
  • tacos and nachos
  • chicken and dumplings and noodles
Catch ya later bloggy mommas.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My version of YOLO

So this whole YOLO thing. I must be a hermit or something because I had no idea what it was until we went on vacation. It was on hats, tshirts, posters, etc. I am hip to GTL and LOL but this YOLO thing made me pull out my phone and its slower-than-a-toddler-putting-on-his-shoes-before-the-school-bus-comes internet to do a search. YOLO means "you only live once". Hmm. True I guess (although I do believe in past lives, but that's another post!) but I didn't want to go around saying, "Yo, YOLO people!" It just doesn't flow from my mouth very well. 

Anyway, jeez, wander off topic much Jenny?

So I was thinking, there are some things we moms do that you know you do it and you can't believe you do. Kind of the "I'm turning into my mom/grandma" train of thought. I do it all the time. Even more now that I am trapped at home most days cooking, cleaning, laundrying, etcing. And THAT made me think, there should be a letter-thingy for that. 

I came up with YKYD. "You Know You Do"  Here it goes like this...

Your kids are waiting at the bus stop and you are looking at them and you spot some white toothpaste residue, grape jelly, or last night's spaghetti sauce on the corners of their mouths, so you lick your thumb and wipe it off. Mom spit. Works every time. I never used my own spit to wipe something off another person, until I had a kid. You Know You Do! YKYD! See. I know. I should call the guys at the Jersey Shore Store and have them print me up some shirts ASAP. Hee hee. Had to do it. Sorry. But you have to admit, it's kind of catchy, isn't it?
I would need way more than my two thumbs to clean this face. (Asher enjoying his birthday treat that his big sister made in her Easy Bake Oven, all by herself! BTW, had to again, his poop was the same color the next day. TMI?!)

So I thought I might do some YKYD's here and there, my own little series, kind of like my "Watchin' My Weight" Wednesdays. WDYT? (What do you think?!)

No more letter-thingys, I promise today!

Have a great weekend.  TTYL (one last one, giggle giggle!)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watchin' My Weight Wednesday

Alright, so it's Thursday, not Wednesday. I know. Good thing I'm not a pro-blogger, I'd be in trouble for sure.  

It's that time of year again. I'm not referring to fall. I'm referring to the sugar season. Is it  just me or does Halloween start the official season of sweets? It seems like from now until Valentine's day there are holidays dedicated to sweets. Making them, decorating with them, buying them, gifting them, and of course eating them. It is deadly for me. I still don't quite know if I am a sweet-a-holic or a salt-a-holic (it appears that I like both and most often together!) but being surrounded by sweets is a killer for my weight. 

See. I filled this jar for the kids and even put a cute tag on it. So far, I'm not indulging much, if it was M&M's I wouldn't have even been able to take a picture, that thing would  have been empty! I have begun to drag my bootylicious out of bed at the hours of 5:15 AM for my treadmill workouts. I am hoping to be able to make it back to the Y for my spin classes soon. Believe it or not, I have just now (within the last month) started getting more than three hours of sleep. Asher really did not take to sleeping through the night well. Stinker. 
I would have never heard this song if Zoe wasn't in dance. It's a "Christian" song. Whatever that means. I guess it is only played on Christian stations. I guess I am a horrid sinner because I listen to just about every other station. Anyway, her jazz team is dancing to it this year and I found it to be a fun one for the treadmill. I downloaded it to my Ipod so she can practice at home. "Good Morning" indeed. I need all the motivation I can get.

What do you think, is this the start of the "sweet" season?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wastin' time

I'm humming that song by Dave Matthews now...

You'd think I don't have a thing to do! I spent a good 20 minutes digging through the bag of alphabet/number crackers to do this. I swear, I am so easily distracted sometimes. 
I was just compelled to do this. This was the kids' after school snack the other day. I said, "isn't that cool guys? I spelled all your names!" Zoe said, "yeah, but I don't get as many cookies as everyone else." Hmm, true. Not exactly the response I was going for. Sometimes, I just want them to say, "yes, mom that is so awesome that you did that for us! You rock! You are the best!" OK, that would be overboard I suppose. But still.  A little enthusiasm would be appreciated. 

Back to work for me. 

Dave Matthews Band - Stay (Wasting Time)

Here, in case you were wanting to hear what I was singing in the previous post. I swear, I have a song/lyric for everything in my life. Is there an affliction name for always singing along to your life?  Glee-a-holic maybe?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Check In

Hallo there! (We've been reading a lot of Pooh lately.)

Everything changes when your baby goes from crawling...
 to climbing.
 I am finding him in the most absurd places.
 And when he goes from crawling, to toddling...

 to running. I swear, my little man moves in two speeds: fast and light speed. It is making my life so insane.

Things I am working on this week:

  • I am finishing up stuff from the last two weeks: pantry reorg (basement), thank you notes, birthday party planning, cleaning my spice cabinet, and ongoing scrapbooking of two books...

I am also:

  • getting out fall decor
  • taking a load to Goodwill
  • switching the big kids' closets from summer to winter
  • hopefully taking a load to consignment too
  • labeling kids' pictures to mail to family
  • helping Parker make a photo timeline for school
  • ordering Halloween costumes

Things we'll be eating for dinners this week:
it seems as the busier I get, the boring-er my menus get

  • subs on homemade rolls with oven chips
  • jambalaya, corn bread, roasted broccoli
  • tacos &/or taco salads
  • spaghetti with french bread and salads
  • pizzas and salads and breadsticks
  • cheeseburgers/veggie burgers and fries
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2012


It is fall sports time, as you know. This is the first time we have two kids in sports at the same time. It is craaaaazy! Last week, Big Tall Hubby had to go to a school event on Saturday morning and so I was a single mom for the day. I swear, if I could have split myself in two I would have, no matter how painful and bloody it would have been. I was running (dragging the other kids with me) between two fields (soccer and lacrosse) trying to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. It took me several days to catch up mentally, physically and emotionally. I was so focused on making sure we were at the right places on time, I didn't get to take pictures of Parker playing lacrosse.  :( It is going to be a wild fall for sure.                                   
 This was taken right before Tanner decided he wasn't going to play anymore. He threw himself on the ground and cried (loud enough for you to hear, no matter what state you reside in) for about the last 15 minutes of gametime. Eye yi yi! Poor guy, all that shuffling from one thing to the next probably did him in. 
I am blaming my insane kids' schedules on my lack of time to post lately. I swear, I don't have one minute to do anything "fun" on the computer. Ugh. I'm hoping to get caught up on some biggish projects this weekend so I'll have time to post and read everyone else's blogs. I certainly miss it. It got rather chilly here this last week so I had to immediately get out long pants for my two little ones. Which translates to dig through tubs in the basement to find the pants (in the correct size) which then forced me to just get out all the next sized clothes they need and put away the old ones, hence their closets, dressers and room are completely destroyed! I've been doing a lot of laundry this week. 
Ugh, again.

Things I am doing this week:

  • getting out next sized clothes for Tanner and Asher
  • putting away too small (and out of season) clothes for Tanner and Asher
  • downloading songs for Zoe's dance competitions (see, nothing fun for me!)
  • planning Parker's birthday party
  • getting a book bound for Parker (keepsake-will share later)
  • locating a high school picture for Big Tall Hubby (they need it for school, see, nothing fun for ME!)
  • cleaning out mysterious globs from my fridge drawers and door shelves, last minute project just kind of started itself
  • switch purses because juice and fish crackers have spilled in my current one, probably after the frantic sports weekend
  • order and pick up some photo prints (sale at Walgreens!)

Things I want to do but probably can't because there are little boy clothes on every flat surface in my house:

  • continue and finish two mini scrapbook albums I have been working on
  • cleaning up and deleting my email files
  • write some long overdue thank you notes (I'd better do these soon or the guilt will kill me)
  • finish organizing my basement pantry
  • take a load to Goodwill
  • clean and reorganize my spice cabinet (Asher does this for me daily, maybe I should cross this one off?)
  • get out fall decor
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be folding and hanging clothes, lots of clothes.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September means back to school

I can't believe I forgot to post the kids' first day of school pictures. Yikes. My brain is on slow-mo lately.  Anyway, they DID start school and all is well. 

We are getting to the point that I am jealous of my daughter's clothes and shoes... I want these shoes so bad. Fourth graders should not have cooler shoes than their moms.

 Look at the cutest first graders you've ever seen. (He already has a girlfriend. No kidding. He's a stud I tell ya.)
 I don't know why I started taking pictures of their shoes. I just think new shoes on the first day is a must and they are always so proud of them too. 
 This is the only year (until high school) that they'll be in the same school (unless we sell our house and move). Crazy. They both have good teachers and are making new friends left and right.
 And did I mention, they BOTH are student council representatives for their classrooms? We are thrilled. Zoe has been trying since first grade and she is super pumped up, she wants to lobby to get the playground equipment painted and maybe get a water fountain installed outside. Parker's teacher picked him and he can't wait to go to meetings and sell pencils at lunch.  My little activists, I love it.
 This guy wears his "pack pack" to the bus every day. Even though he is not in school. He will not be left behind. He is proud to pack it every morning with whatever trinket he finds laying around. He is in swim lessons, soccer, and a pre-preschool ABC class so he is busy too. Putting on this back pack everyday cracks me up.
We made chalk drawings to celebrate. I should probably make one to congratulate our newest student council members, if the rain holds out I will.