Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't procrastinate

This is an old chest we keep in our computer room.  We keep home and toy warranties, appliances paperwork, some of Big Tall Hubby's school stuff, and a few other random things, as you will see.  When I was a young single gal, it actually held winter clothes and gear. Fast forward to a married gal (notice I didn't say "young" anymore) and it has become a trash pile. 

It's one of those things that has been driving me crazy. I rarely open it but when I do, I cringe and say, "I hate this thing, it is such a mess." Then I take a few deep breaths and close the lid, as fast as I can.
 I began by taking everything out and making piles: keep, recycle, toss, file in a different place. Then I took off clothes because I was working so fast and furious I started to sweat.  Well, I really just took off my ratty slippers (see them, they are so gross, need to put that on my Christmas list), I kept my other clothes on. "Naked Organization Projects" now there's a blog that would make me some money!
 Here's the recycle pile. I had to measure it. Seven plus inches. That doesn't sound impressive but it looked like it in person.
 Asher and Max coming to "help." 
 Asher found something to read and settled in Max's cage. All my kids have done this. It makes me feel ill but they are drawn to it like moths to a flame. By the way, he was "reading" the manual to my label maker. Hee hee! Like his mommy! It was one of the mysterious things I found in the cabinet.
 I put some "school stuff" in a plain old box for Big Tall Hubby. I was really wanting to toss it all but I know he'll find me later and say, "do you know where that folder is..." and I want to be ready. I used a box because, well, Amazon had just delivered something and I was too lazy to go in the basement to find something better. Sometimes laziness wins.
 Big Tall Hubby keeps all his daily planner inserts. Why? How the heck would I know? I don't argue with him. I do however get sick of looking at these binders so I put them in here. He can dig around in here on the off chance he needs to look something up.
 On the left here is our house binder. It long ago exploded but I still have everything from when we built the house. You would not believe how often I have had to refer to this thing. (Like last week when the furnace people were trying to convince us that we needed to replace our 8 year old furnace!)

The right is a little basket that holds warranties for tvs, toys, and other small things that would not stay with the house if we ever moved.
 Here it is all straightened up. It isn't that pretty but a big improvement over the "before."
 I found this huge pen in here. The kids love it. It is pretty funny. I also found my childhood baton (Zoe was stoked!), a couple picture frames, and a picture CD that had some really cute pics of the kids on it. Buried treasure, you've got to love it.
I've said it before and I guess I have to keep reminding myself, don't procrastinate!

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Becca said...

I love how you open the lid, breathe deep and close the lid...I do that too! Hahaha! I'm pretty organized but there are a couple of areas in my house that end up being the "dump". Good for you that you tackled it!