Friday, October 19, 2012

we found bigfoot

I've told you how my boys* (Big Tall Hubby included) are addicted to that show "Finding Bigfoot." A few weeks ago, I took the kids to the flea market because Big Tall was at an Ohio State Football game. Look what we found. 

Sasquatch Yard Art!
I swear I wanted to buy it. Just to piss off my grumpy, unsocial, frowny-faced neighbors. Wouldn't that be excellent? We sent this pic to Big Tall at the game and I don't know if his eyes are getting bad or he had too many at the tailgate party but he thought it was real, for a minute. Do you think I should go back and get this for our yard? It is completely tacky but I would love to irritate my neighbors for real. We live on the grumpiest street in America. I have tried giving my neighbors baked goods, picking up their trash cans after a windy storm, snow blowing their sidewalks, and they are still the meanest people I have ever seen. All of them, (with the exception of one family) I am not kidding. Anyway. I think they hate kids or something. My poor kids will wave and say "hi" desperate for someone to reciprocate and they all ignore them. I'm surrounded by rude, idiotic, dumby heads (I'm referring to my neighbors).

*I try to tell my guys that if they really found Bigfoot, we'd know already. It would be on the news/web, not on some show taped months ago. They refuse to see my logic. Instead, they all make Bigfoot calls periodically and look for tracks at every park or wooded area we might travel to. **sigh**


Kerri said...

Too funny! Just Saturday night, Brady was watching bigfoot and pausing the tv to get a closer look. You totally should buy it and put it on your porch or something! So fun! You could always move it to the playroom later!
I also know how you feel....we don't have the nicest neighbors either. It's my dream to live in a fun/friendly neighborhood.

Beloved's Bride said...

I agree. Get it. It could be used for October Decor! ;)