Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watchin' my weight Wednesday and Office Depot help

Watchin' My Weight Wednesday

I don't have anything profound to share about my quest to be healthy this week other than I finally made it back to spinning class. I kept telling myself I would be at those 5:30 AM classes as soon as Asher slept through the night regularly. Well, if I kept waiting for that to happen, I'd be 62 or so. I was already getting up early to work out at home so this week I just went to the Y and it was glorious. Why in the heck did I wait so long? Well, sleep deprivation for one, but really, it was fun and energizing and just what I needed. Now we have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I am giddy with excitement!  These will be a nice supplement to my treadmill and weights workouts. And everyone from my old class was still there (on the same bikes) like a time warp. It was weird but wonderful at the same time. They all seemed glad to see me again. I love spinning.

Office Depot Help

A couple weeks ago I had this on my "to do" list. I had Parker's kindergarten journal writing bound at Office Depot. I've done this before with homemade scrapbooks, mini recipe books, and a couple other things. It is really a nice service they provide, and fairly inexpensive. I think this was about $6 total.

My Office Depot has the nastiest people working there. Sorry, it's true. They always, and I mean, always act like I am the most annoying customer in the store, like they cannot be bothered with me. I would feel like it was true except I am usually the only person in there. I have to go a lot to get house flyers copied and just random supplies we need. I have sworn that I won't go back and now we have a new Staples that just opened so meanies at Office Depot, pooey on you! 

Anyway, I saved all Parker's kindergarten journals. His teacher made a new one each month and sent it home as they were completed. I made a cover (included one of his pictures) and had the meanies put a plastic sleeve cover on as they bound it. Doesn't it look cute? I think the binding is so nice. Zoe's teacher did the same thing but she put it all in a 3 ring binder, it's nice too and I would never redo it since it's already done. I just find the binding makes it more finished.
 Just for fun, here is his first entry. A drawing of I don't know what.
 Here is the last one. Him in his room reading comic books. It looks exactly like his room. This boy is such an artist. And look, 3 lines of writing! 
I am happy with the end result of this project. It is a nice keepsake for Parker. Or some day when I give it to him, he'll be thinking, "man, now what am I going to do with another scrapbook?!"  Hee hee.

Just a note, I saved this project to drop off now when my two big kids are in school because only taking two little ones to the store is always easier. The bigger ones see all the computer games and markers and post its and they get the biggest case of the "gimmies" you ever saw. In case you were thinking I was as slow as molasses getting a kindergarten project done and my boy is in first grade now! I have my reasons and my own since of warped logic people!


Kerri said...

I'm glad you will be taking your business to certainly don't need to shop where the meanies are! :) Love the idea of binding things...I'll always forget about those places that can do it so cheaply and it looks so nice.
Good for you for getting back to your spinning class that you love. I had to laugh because I am sure if I walked into my old spin class the same ladies would be there....except in my case, they would probably fall off their bikes if I walked in! :)

Kristin said...

It wasn't/isn't just you they are mean to. They were the same way to me too. I'm not sure why....maybe the application says they only hire meanies......

Glad you are getting back to spinning, although I hate to exercise, I know you love it :)

Becca said...

very cute! And, I'm impressed that you did it in such a timely manner. My kids will have their own kids before I ever get around to organizing their stuff!

Thanks for your comment the other day. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing to the wind...