Friday, October 5, 2012

My version of YOLO

So this whole YOLO thing. I must be a hermit or something because I had no idea what it was until we went on vacation. It was on hats, tshirts, posters, etc. I am hip to GTL and LOL but this YOLO thing made me pull out my phone and its slower-than-a-toddler-putting-on-his-shoes-before-the-school-bus-comes internet to do a search. YOLO means "you only live once". Hmm. True I guess (although I do believe in past lives, but that's another post!) but I didn't want to go around saying, "Yo, YOLO people!" It just doesn't flow from my mouth very well. 

Anyway, jeez, wander off topic much Jenny?

So I was thinking, there are some things we moms do that you know you do it and you can't believe you do. Kind of the "I'm turning into my mom/grandma" train of thought. I do it all the time. Even more now that I am trapped at home most days cooking, cleaning, laundrying, etcing. And THAT made me think, there should be a letter-thingy for that. 

I came up with YKYD. "You Know You Do"  Here it goes like this...

Your kids are waiting at the bus stop and you are looking at them and you spot some white toothpaste residue, grape jelly, or last night's spaghetti sauce on the corners of their mouths, so you lick your thumb and wipe it off. Mom spit. Works every time. I never used my own spit to wipe something off another person, until I had a kid. You Know You Do! YKYD! See. I know. I should call the guys at the Jersey Shore Store and have them print me up some shirts ASAP. Hee hee. Had to do it. Sorry. But you have to admit, it's kind of catchy, isn't it?
I would need way more than my two thumbs to clean this face. (Asher enjoying his birthday treat that his big sister made in her Easy Bake Oven, all by herself! BTW, had to again, his poop was the same color the next day. TMI?!)

So I thought I might do some YKYD's here and there, my own little series, kind of like my "Watchin' My Weight" Wednesdays. WDYT? (What do you think?!)

No more letter-thingys, I promise today!

Have a great weekend.  TTYL (one last one, giggle giggle!)


Kerri said...

Oh, you crack me up! You might be on to something! BTW, you are way cooler than me....I've never heard of YOLO before you!
We have said for years IBO when we are watching tv and a show comes back on and one of us is not back in the livingroom. ITS BACK ON! It's like a real word to us...we've probably been yelling that for the last ten years...our son probably thinks it IS a real word!
Cute picture of Asher...and so nice of big sis to make him something in her easy back oven. (I always wanted one of those!)

Jen said...

I had no idea what yolo was either. I thought it had something to do with young life. I like your idea too.

Jen said...
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Vanyah said...

Don't feel bad this mom had never heard of it as well ....but yeah us moms would make a killing with YKYD ....oh BTW just had to add that to my kindle dictionary LOL :-D