Tuesday, October 9, 2012

plastic envelopes for piles

You'd think with half my kids in school all day, I'd have twice as much time to do "stuff." (How do you like my jenny-math? Hee hee) Well, I don't. Have time to do stuff that is. I feel like I run around all day long like a maniac and then at 9:00 when the kids are finally asleep, I still have at least 90 minutes of work to do. Every. Stinkin'. Day. 

Anyway, I have a huge kitchen island (as you've seen before) and since I am in the kitchen almost all day, I usually stand up and do my "stuff" there. Well, you can imagine the piles that would build up. I'll bet you have a couple on your kitchen counter right now, don't cha? When the kids came home from school, more piles. Big Tall Hubby home from work, more piles. My piles (which usually contain the most important stuff, at least I think so) were getting all mixed up and shoved aside, sometimes shoved to the floor. Imagine me going on a tirade after that...yep. It was ugly. 

So I had to come up with a plan. I found these plastic envelopes in my organizing stash of baskets, bins, and pails. I really don't know where I got them. Maybe a handmedown from someone? I had some when I was actually able to go to scrapbooking workshops and I needed a place to put my projects on the go.
 These are perfect for putting a small-ish pile of things that I am working on. The above one is information for the upcoming Chuck E. Cheese soiree'. The one below contains thank you notes I have to write for Asher's birthday that was yes, two months ago. Don't judge. My family knows Asher and I are thankful! Hey family, you'll probably get these and Parker's thank you notes sometime before Christmas! (Just because I am organized doesn't mean I have time to write notes!!!)
I also like being able to tote these envelopes around on the off chance I have to be sitting at a dance class or sport practice and I have 5 minutes to write in peace.

It's all their fault. I tell ya. These guys do not stop!!!

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Jill said...

Oh I can so relate to this. As soon as I clean the counter off everyone dumps more on it....never ending! And why is it I'm still so super busy with no time while they are in school? Lol. Have a great end of week and weekend!