Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday check in

We survived the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.
 It must have been the lights or the lightning fast speed at which the kids were moving through that place because my pictures were all pretty crummy from the night. I can assure you that the kids had a blast. It was worth buying the top of the line party, there were tired, exhausted, spent kids at the end of the night. I told Parker that he'd get one Chuck E. party in his life (that's all I can stand) and it did not disappoint. We had the nicest party girl who helped us all night. I gave her a hefty tip, it was well earned. I think we are all still recovering. Is it possible to have a hangover from that place? By the way, I didn't drink anything alcoholic (even though it is available) and I am still hungover.
 Birthday treats at school, I forgot to take a picture of my awesome cupcakes. They had vampire teeth and "blood" on them. They were cool. Trust me. The kids all said, "whoa, those are cool!" See, would I lie to you?
 Stair picture. My favorite. He lost that front tooth the night before. I didn't even know it was lose enough to wiggle! What the heck kind of mom am I?!
Now on to more festivities... we're having a family party this weekend. I am going to attempt to make an Angry Birds cake. I hope I remember to take pictures!

my things to do this week:

  • get out party stuff (it takes a week ya know)
  • paint some trim in our kitchen that was neglected after our new counters put in (procrastinate much?)
  • get ready for party and out of town guests
  • maybe find costumes for Big Tall Hubby and myself (we know what we want to be, I just have to find supplies at Goodwill)
  • find Speedy and Sugar (our hamsters escaped, no, I am not kidding, welcome to life with four kids)
There is a whole bunch of stuff I put on my list but really, who am I kidding? I know all I'll do is clean house and get ready for our party.

my menus this week:

  • um, yeah, well, leftover pizza from Chuck E. Cheese
  • more leftovers
  • some stuff from last week I forgot to make
  • spaghetti (I had to put that one in!)

as you can see, I have no meal plan for this week, blame it on my hangover

I hope you all have a great week!

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Jill said...

Always fun at chuck e cheese! Lol. Cute pictures! Have a wonderful week