Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watchin' My Weight Wednesday

Alright, so it's Thursday, not Wednesday. I know. Good thing I'm not a pro-blogger, I'd be in trouble for sure.  

It's that time of year again. I'm not referring to fall. I'm referring to the sugar season. Is it  just me or does Halloween start the official season of sweets? It seems like from now until Valentine's day there are holidays dedicated to sweets. Making them, decorating with them, buying them, gifting them, and of course eating them. It is deadly for me. I still don't quite know if I am a sweet-a-holic or a salt-a-holic (it appears that I like both and most often together!) but being surrounded by sweets is a killer for my weight. 

See. I filled this jar for the kids and even put a cute tag on it. So far, I'm not indulging much, if it was M&M's I wouldn't have even been able to take a picture, that thing would  have been empty! I have begun to drag my bootylicious out of bed at the hours of 5:15 AM for my treadmill workouts. I am hoping to be able to make it back to the Y for my spin classes soon. Believe it or not, I have just now (within the last month) started getting more than three hours of sleep. Asher really did not take to sleeping through the night well. Stinker. 
I would have never heard this song if Zoe wasn't in dance. It's a "Christian" song. Whatever that means. I guess it is only played on Christian stations. I guess I am a horrid sinner because I listen to just about every other station. Anyway, her jazz team is dancing to it this year and I found it to be a fun one for the treadmill. I downloaded it to my Ipod so she can practice at home. "Good Morning" indeed. I need all the motivation I can get.

What do you think, is this the start of the "sweet" season?

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Kerri said...

Yes, it is that sweet season! I bought a bag of the new caramel candy corn the other day and there are only a few left in the candy jar...and I am the only one that likes them! We also had a bowl of kit kats that lasted about 3 days. Candy in our house is NOT a good idea! I tried to get up at 5:30 the other morning to exercise...and I just couldn't do it. Exercising first thing in the morning just doesn't work for me. I can get up at that time and do laundry and other stuff...just not get on the treadmill. I wish I could!