Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this week is kind of scaring me a bit

Finally, we are enjoying our yard. It has stopped raining and we can actually get out there and do some work. Well, big tall hubby is doing most of it since I can't bend over to do much. I know I will be wishing for rain soon especially since it was almost 100 yesterday!!! The kids are loving it: playing in the sandbox, running barefoot in the grass, spraying each other with water bottles, such bliss. I love warm weather.
I still haven't found the time or the energy to take this thing apart and try to fix it. Ugh. Just looking at it makes me tired. I swear right after I posted about how much I loved it, the dang thing just collapsed. Piece of crap.
I did get all this stuff (spring and Easter decor) put into the correct storage tubs. But I didn't get any summer stuff out. Maybe this week...
Like most of you bloggy mommas, I am feeling the push of the end of the school year. I cannot believe it is here already. I have tons to do. I really thought I was on top of things but honestly when Zoe broke her arm I had to just stop and take care of her. She only has three more days of school and I want to make sure we give her teachers each a little something. So that will be what we are focusing on this week. She is also receiving a special award this week at the awards assembly, I will let you know about that of course. In between running around getting gift cards and gifts I will also be getting ready for her dance recital (she is going to try to dance with her broken arm) and family visitors this weekend. AND I have two little boys who are really energetic, they definitely do not understand the meaning of "rest" who will be needing me. Whew, see what I mean, this week is kind of scaring me a bit.

my things to do:
  • clean house for visitors
  • shop/plan meals for crazy busy weekend of dancing (three recitals, three days!)
  • get all teacher end of the year gifts together
  • repair and put away that dang coat storage thingy
  • laundry, gobs of it

my menus for this week:
  • scallops with spinach and paprika sauce
  • grilled veggies and steaks with corn and baked potatoes
  • salmon (chicken nuggets for kids) and rice
  • homemade pizzas
  • tacos and taco salads
Have a great week, hope everyone had a splendid Memorial Day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

preschool graduate

Sorry for the unexcused absences, we have been hit with tornadoes, thunderstorms and massive rain for the past week and it has knocked our power out a couple times and also did something wonky to our internet. I was bummed to be internet-less for a few days, man, I did not realize how many times I checked the Us Weekly news! And Facebook. And Blogger. And Yahoo news. And email... jeez!

Anyway, things are moving along here. From what I am reading on everyone else's blogs, I am not alone in thinking that I do not have enough time in the day to get everything done. Especially with school ending, there seems to be a loooooong list of things to do for everyone.

I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff done for Zoe's teachers this weekend, I guess I'd better since school ends next week! Argh! OK, heart racing, sweating, and stress is beginning. No big whoop.

Parker, my sweet boy, finished preschool last week (in the midst of his sister's broken arm trauma) and it made me so sad. I swear that was the quickest school year ever. He just went there for the first time a week ago with his little backpack and gel in his hair, well it seems like that anyway.

He had a great year. He had a small class, wonderful teachers, fun activities and he just grew up and matured right in front of me. I guess that's what preschool is all about. He has always been "my little man" but now even more so. He is definitely ready for kindergarten and I won't even get started on the anxiety that is causing me already!!!

Here he is at the muffins for mom day... that is his girlfriend by the way next to him, they have been an item for a long time and he thinks they are going to get married some day (doesn't that remind you of Forrest Gump and Jenny? the plaid shirt, her blonde hair...)
He wanted to buy his teachers "jewelry" for a gift. He already knows how to please the ladies! I helped him pick out these cute beaded earrings and I potted these geraniums. I got the flower stakes at the grocery. I offered to buy them but the flower lady just let me have them (I needed four.). I wrote the thank you notes on the inside of the little tags (on the right stake). I think I should have included a gift card for somewhere, I am feeling like these are kind of sparse. I just could not get it all together after the hospital visit last week. *sigh*
End of the year pool party. Outside. It was really cold but I braved the water (every 8 month pregnant woman's nightmare!) in my bathing suit. He had fun but I was honestly dying to get home.
They claim the water is heated but they will never convince me (or Parker!).
Tanner was with us too and he just liked jumping in from the side of the pool, over and over again. At least my arms were getting a workout!

Graduation. *sniff sniff* They even played the "Pomp and Circumstance"song which gets me every time, just like the dang wedding march! When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Parker said, "a chef." This has been his response to that question for about three years, we'll see. Do you think he'll be a big tall hubby someday too? He looks so tall compared to the other kids...
A nervous, but happy boy on the day of his graduation, see that forced smile. Love him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

running errands with boys

This is my nature guy, he literally stops to smell the flowers. All the flowers. (This day I was trying to get him back in the car after our stop at the library. He walked around the whole library gardens on the curb and talked about all the "flers" translation: flowers.)
Running errands with boys is so impossible. I swear, no matter how hard I plan my route to include the fewest stops (kind of like the UPS guys who only make left turns!) and utilize as many drive thrus as possible, I always have a runaway boy or a boy meltdown. **sigh** Again, I ask, "is there ever enough time in the day?"

I have tried for two summers to find a babysitter/teenager who is willing to work for me once a week sitting with the kids. I envision someone who will play with the kids while I run errands or clean up things at home or **gasp** craft something! So anyway, I have asked friends, family, neighbors, etc. and no one is readily available to help. It stinks. I feel like I have to book sitters three months in advance and even then, I always worry that they won't be able to make it because of some last minute obligation.

When I was a teenager I babysat all the time! I mean how else could I afford those ten button Outback Red* shirts we all insisted on layering on every day? (Holla- if you remember those?!) Now the poor kids I talk to are working two sometimes three jobs, volunteering, taking classes and anything else they can do to boost their college resumes. Makes me so sad. What happened to being a kid? What happened to summer for goodness sake? These kids don't get a break!

Guess I'll be running my errands with kids in tow again this summer. And maybe I can scrapbook a page or two... but if I don't get a chance, I'll be sniffing lots of flowers and balancing on curbs. :)

*I am going to try to find a pic of those shirts, they ruled!*

Monday, May 23, 2011

the bravest girl I know

My poor girl before they knocked her out and did who knows what to get her arm back into place... I kept picturing the gal (Kally? Haven't watched since season 2) on "Grey's Anatomy" who does ortho stuff and how she wrenches the heck out of people... I know it is just tv but I am thinking there is a lot of truth to her acting.
This is the first broken bone for our kids and boy do I never want to go through this again!!! It has been very challenging. I have decided I would be a terrible nurse. I do not have the patience for people feeling bad. Not that I get mad at them, I just get mad that they aren't 100%. Being sick/hurt just isn't fair. Plus it is so awful to see your child hurting and not be able to help them. I have a whole new respect for people who have sick children and who have suffered from terrible injuries. I pray that my family continues to be healthy for the most part. I truly do not know how people get through those kinds of times.

Poor Zoe, it is her dominant wrist that she broke and she hates it. She is so worried about going to school and her upcoming dance competition and recital, her two favorite things school and dance :( . I feel just so sad for her. She had high hopes to resume gymnastics and tennis this summer and I'm pretty sure she won't be able to do either. See what I mean, not fair! We haven't really talked about summer stuff yet we are just taking it one Tylenol dose at a time right now. We go tomorrow for her recheck and her permanent cast, I am hoping they give her one that increases her mobility. She can't even go to the bathroom by herself and she is definitely not liking that!

my things to do this week:
um, not sure, buy more Tylenol, try to keep my boys from wrestling Zoe
we'll see...

my menus for this week:
also not sure, it is end of the year time for big tall hubby and that means lots of graduation parties, awards assemblies, meetings, concerts, all that important stuff, when he is gone we tend to eat very simple, easy meals. Please tell me I am not the only wife/mother that does that.

Just wanted to say this is my 700th post. Holy moly! I am such a blabber mouth/blogger!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

OK, I give up

I officially give up, I surrender to whoever out there is trying to make me lose my mind over not being able to keep up with the craziness of life... is there such a person/being?
My sweet girl broke her wrist yesterday. (sorry I don't have a picture yet of her cast, it was a looooooooong day) I had just returned from major errand running with the boys (our usual Thursday task) and we were about to settle down for some much needed lunch, Taco Bell if you must know. I know, I know, so incredibly bad for you, but the baby wanted it, me, not so much!!!!!! Then the phone rang, the school nurse who was obviously upset told me to come to school as quickly as I could because Zoe fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm. Do you know what I said, "are you serious?" What a doofus I am, like the nurse is going to prank call me or something? I don't know, I just couldn't believe it. So Taco Bell got thrown in the fridge (*sniff*) and the boys thrown back in the car, I did grab them some string cheeses, they had to eat something and we were off on a long, long, adventure.

We went to the branch Children's Hospital only to be sent to the main one in downtown Cincinnati and we finally got home around 10 hours later. A long day, an emotional day (I don't know how parents with really sick kids do it day in and day out... another post someday), a hard day, a day I am glad is over. Now on to healing, for all of us.

Incidentally, I just read an article on Yahoo news that ranked the nation's children's hospitals yesterday morning. Cincinnati was ranked third in the nation. I was excited about that, good to know but it didn't make me feel better about having to go there. I can honestly say, I don't want to go there again. No offense. Hospitals are stressful, sad places, no matter how high they are ranked.

Have a happy weekend everyone.

P.S. my Taco Bell is still in the fridge, do you think it is one big congealed grossness?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a well earned nick name

I affectionately call my kids "monkeys" all the time. I love monkeys, gorillas, chimps, orangutans, all those cute apes at the zoo so I don't feel the least bit bad calling my kids that. I am usually calling, "come on monkeys, time for bed..." or whatever. I guess I am like the big momma monkey, hmm, never thought of that before.
Besides, they do jump around on the furniture, they have even swung from a chandelier once (true story!) and pulled it out of the ceiling, and they squawk and holler like the real thing. And they all hang on me just like the baby chimps do to their mommas.
They're monkeys I tell ya.

Kristin, this costume gets major wear at my house, thank you!!! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Hell-o feet! Are you down there?
That big white thing is my belly (well the shirt covering my belly), I am still trying to eat healthy and exercise a bit. I am definitely looking forward to the days when I can eat without worrying about heartburn and exercising comfortably.
Thank goodness I have one of these grabber thingys. I wouldn't be able to pick up a thing in my house without it. My mother-in-law got this for me a few years ago because I was telling her how impossible it is to retrieve items once they fell behind my washer and dryer. I just love practical gifts like this. (I am being serious, not sarcastic!) The kids use it to fetch balls that roll under bushes and other things that disappear under their beds. Very handy indeed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

that's how we roll

Exercise has become very difficult for me due to my ever expanding waistline (as well as the rest of me!). So I trying to squeeze in mini-workouts when I can. Walking, using my exercise bands in front of the tv, endless stroller pushing and supervised bike riding have taken the place of my beloved spinning class, bootcamp, and running. (Bending over has become the biggest nightmare!)

We have only had a few (4-5) days of sun since April began (and now mid-May I am wearing a polar fleece jacket dodging rain drops as I load up groceries in the van!!!) and so the kids are completely going crazy if it is dry. They want to do EVERYTHING outside. Ride bikes, skate, scooters, jumprope, sidewalk chalk, all that good stuff gets crammed into the few hours of sunshine we have. On this day last week, I took the kids on a walk/skate/wagon ride in the neighborhood. It was a few minutes of happiness and joy for us all. Then the skies opened up again for yet another rain shower.
Pulling this guy up and down the hills of my neighborhood have to be giving me some sort of workout, don't you think?! He loves to walk the dog by the way, I promise I am not forcing him to hold the leash.
Ahh bliss. These two wear their skates so much I think they forget they have them on, they are so good at skating and they truly love it. Sometimes they are just wearing them around and walking through the yard, cracks me up, like the skates are part of their bodies. I remember some white and yellow skates I had when I was little, they had Minnie Mouse on them, I cried when they became too small for my feet.

That's how we like to roll.

Just a couple more pictures from the only sunny day we had last week.

Monday, May 16, 2011

little things can be big things when they all get together

First off, thanks to everyone who sent me a message or comment wondering where in the helicopter (learned that from my favorite weight loss diva, Ruby!) I was for two weeks. Your kindness and consideration are so appreciated, really, those meant the world to me. I kept up reading everyone's posts I just didn't have the gumption to comment, what the heck kind of blog friend am I anyway? I loved reading all your Mother's Day recaps. You are all wonderful moms who inspire me everyday, you all deserve all the loveliness (and more) that you received. This is my hanging basket from my Mother's Day, I love it. I am also glad that we are beginning to get some warmer weather here, still raining like crazy but with pockets of warmth.

I was here, kind of. I guess just having my own private pity party. Does that make sense? Life was happening and it just seemed like every day was bringing me more and more down. I have told this to my big tall hubby so many times: little things all added up can be big things. What I mean is, a tragedy, for example, is really awful and everyone expects you to feel bad/sad/depressed/angry/whatever. But how about just lots of little things that don't go how you'd like them to go, put them all together and I swear you can feel just as bad.

I don't really want to dwell on the negative but I do feel like I should explain a little...

I have been so overwhelmed. My things to do list is so long it is taking up three pages. I have so many things I want to do before the baby is born but I don't think I will get them done. I feel like I am running out of time. School is almost out and I have a gagillion things to do before then and it is stressing me out. I am so freakin' exhausted. Wholly cow, that whole "advanced maternal age" thing is no joke. I cannot sit down without falling asleep. Sometimes I am afraid to drive more than a short distance. I am frustrated a lot. I get so mad that I can't do yard work, clean the garage, clean my house, pick up toys from the floor, etc. My body just won't let me. My back screams at me if I try to do much of any of those things and I don't want to fight with it honestly. I am angry. For a control-freak like me, not being able to do the things my mind wants to do is just plain torture. I can try to enlist the help of others but let's face it, no one will do the job the way I want to do it myself. Sorry to admit, but true. I put the pressure on myself to have my house "just so" and to do things a "certain way" and honestly, I like to work. I don't like to just sit around and feel slothy/lazy. It makes me feel good to check things off my list each day. I'm a weirdo. I am so irritable. Look out people, don't cross me, I am close to punching people all the time. Not a day has gone by that someone has not commented on my belly, my choice to have another child, the gender of our baby, etc. Why does everyone in the world feel like they have a right to discuss (usually negatively or rudely) my body merely because I am pregnant? I mean, I have said it before, if you don't have anything nice to say about a pregnant woman's appearance (maybe you're lying, who cares?) then don't say anything at all!!! I am sad. My closest friend moved away last week. Far away. And it feels lonely, really lonely without her. I am worried. We still haven't had any good offers on our house, it's been two years of constant selling. My big tall hubby is really getting sick of driving a long commute. I wonder how in the helicopter (thanks Ruby) am I going to take care of 4 kids this fall when he is at work, all. the. time?! We plan to take the house off the market after the baby is born, no way would I try to have showings and stuff with a newborn, it will be a nice break from that. I know God has a plan for us and I am trusting of that I just wish he'd give us a hint on what that plan is.

So that's a little about how I am feeling. Just kind of "woe is me," down in the dumps, not good. I am putting on my big girl boots and trying to trudge through. I know it will get better. I didn't want to be all dramatic, "feel sorry for me" but with all your nice care and concern I thought I'd better explain myself. I hadn't intended to take a two week break but one day turned into two, then it was two weeks later. I guess sometimes you just get in survival mode and that's all you can do about it.

Thanks again for all your sweetness bloggy friends. You definitely make life better. I love you.

my things to do this week:
  • get gifts for Parker's teachers (he is done this Friday with preschool!)
  • put all my spring/Easter decorations away (I got them in the basement, just not in their tubs, all that bending over seems like a monumental task)
  • reorganize my freezer (things are falling out when I open it)
  • try to repair my winter coat storage rack (it fell down mysteriously, I knew I should have got the more expensive one!)
  • clean off my desk (woo, this one is really making me itchy)

my menus for this week:
  • chili (craving) and deli sandwiches
  • egg and veggie frittata (doctor says I need more iron)
  • homemade pizza
  • hot dogs with sauerkraut (another craving)
  • spaghetti (kids' request)
  • steaks on the grill (not me, just the veggies please) and potatoes