Monday, May 23, 2011

the bravest girl I know

My poor girl before they knocked her out and did who knows what to get her arm back into place... I kept picturing the gal (Kally? Haven't watched since season 2) on "Grey's Anatomy" who does ortho stuff and how she wrenches the heck out of people... I know it is just tv but I am thinking there is a lot of truth to her acting.
This is the first broken bone for our kids and boy do I never want to go through this again!!! It has been very challenging. I have decided I would be a terrible nurse. I do not have the patience for people feeling bad. Not that I get mad at them, I just get mad that they aren't 100%. Being sick/hurt just isn't fair. Plus it is so awful to see your child hurting and not be able to help them. I have a whole new respect for people who have sick children and who have suffered from terrible injuries. I pray that my family continues to be healthy for the most part. I truly do not know how people get through those kinds of times.

Poor Zoe, it is her dominant wrist that she broke and she hates it. She is so worried about going to school and her upcoming dance competition and recital, her two favorite things school and dance :( . I feel just so sad for her. She had high hopes to resume gymnastics and tennis this summer and I'm pretty sure she won't be able to do either. See what I mean, not fair! We haven't really talked about summer stuff yet we are just taking it one Tylenol dose at a time right now. We go tomorrow for her recheck and her permanent cast, I am hoping they give her one that increases her mobility. She can't even go to the bathroom by herself and she is definitely not liking that!

my things to do this week:
um, not sure, buy more Tylenol, try to keep my boys from wrestling Zoe
we'll see...

my menus for this week:
also not sure, it is end of the year time for big tall hubby and that means lots of graduation parties, awards assemblies, meetings, concerts, all that important stuff, when he is gone we tend to eat very simple, easy meals. Please tell me I am not the only wife/mother that does that.

Just wanted to say this is my 700th post. Holy moly! I am such a blabber mouth/blogger!!!!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Poor Zoe! Poor you! It's hard on a momma!!!
our middle son and oldest son both broke their arms growing up , and sniff sniff... it was awful- for all three of us! haha!
funny - the youngest son, was the athlete of the three boys ... and the only one that DIDN'T break anything. 8 years of football too. heehee. whew!
700 th post! That's awesome
When v travels - I barely turn the stove on!
Thank you for your comment on my blog !
Have a pretty day!

Jess said...

oh my goodness!!! how traumatic!! i hope things settle down a bit for you...i can't even imagine! I totally freak out when my kids get hurt...and i am horribly me and the hospital is not a good combination! I can totally relate with the dinner thing...when hubby teaches at night we usually have breakfast for dinner! i feel like the pressure is off to make a huge meal, and i make what the kids like and the evening is calmer. sending you lots of hugs!!! hope you have a better week ahead!!!

Jill said...

Awwww my heart goes out to her!!! i hope she is feeling much better soon!!!

Beloved's Bride said...

Awww. I hope she gets better very quickly!

Congrats on your 700th post!

Kristin said...

big hugs zoe. you are so brave.

Big hugs to you too, Jenny. You are brave too :)

Crystal said...

Oh I remember when my daughter broke her arm. It was horrible. My husband had to leave the room when they popped it back in place I thought he was about to pass out when he saw her arm. She was/is a dancer. We did many, many competitions in her days. It got her a scholorship to college so I think it was worth it. She is still in college but she now also teaches dance and loves it. Well I hope your daughters arm is feeling better.