Tuesday, May 24, 2011

running errands with boys

This is my nature guy, he literally stops to smell the flowers. All the flowers. (This day I was trying to get him back in the car after our stop at the library. He walked around the whole library gardens on the curb and talked about all the "flers" translation: flowers.)
Running errands with boys is so impossible. I swear, no matter how hard I plan my route to include the fewest stops (kind of like the UPS guys who only make left turns!) and utilize as many drive thrus as possible, I always have a runaway boy or a boy meltdown. **sigh** Again, I ask, "is there ever enough time in the day?"

I have tried for two summers to find a babysitter/teenager who is willing to work for me once a week sitting with the kids. I envision someone who will play with the kids while I run errands or clean up things at home or **gasp** craft something! So anyway, I have asked friends, family, neighbors, etc. and no one is readily available to help. It stinks. I feel like I have to book sitters three months in advance and even then, I always worry that they won't be able to make it because of some last minute obligation.

When I was a teenager I babysat all the time! I mean how else could I afford those ten button Outback Red* shirts we all insisted on layering on every day? (Holla- if you remember those?!) Now the poor kids I talk to are working two sometimes three jobs, volunteering, taking classes and anything else they can do to boost their college resumes. Makes me so sad. What happened to being a kid? What happened to summer for goodness sake? These kids don't get a break!

Guess I'll be running my errands with kids in tow again this summer. And maybe I can scrapbook a page or two... but if I don't get a chance, I'll be sniffing lots of flowers and balancing on curbs. :)

*I am going to try to find a pic of those shirts, they ruled!*


Jen said...

My Emily would love to help you out...I am afraid of the commute though. I always loved loved those types of babysitting jobs.
And we have a very easily distracted curb walker at our house too.

Kerri said...

I feel for you Jenny! My son hated running errands...and would make my time out with him miserable! He just wanted to stay home...and sometime us moms just want to get out! It seems these days you have to catch girls at just the right time...12 or 13 before they get too busy in other things!!

Becca said...

Holla! Totally loved and rocked the Outback Red shirts! Ha! I know about the babysitter thing...frustrating!

Jess said...

the whole babysitter thing is so frustrating....when i was a teen i would make dinner for the kids, do crafts and games..AND clean up the house....wishful thinking these days!