Tuesday, May 17, 2011

that's how we roll

Exercise has become very difficult for me due to my ever expanding waistline (as well as the rest of me!). So I trying to squeeze in mini-workouts when I can. Walking, using my exercise bands in front of the tv, endless stroller pushing and supervised bike riding have taken the place of my beloved spinning class, bootcamp, and running. (Bending over has become the biggest nightmare!)

We have only had a few (4-5) days of sun since April began (and now mid-May I am wearing a polar fleece jacket dodging rain drops as I load up groceries in the van!!!) and so the kids are completely going crazy if it is dry. They want to do EVERYTHING outside. Ride bikes, skate, scooters, jumprope, sidewalk chalk, all that good stuff gets crammed into the few hours of sunshine we have. On this day last week, I took the kids on a walk/skate/wagon ride in the neighborhood. It was a few minutes of happiness and joy for us all. Then the skies opened up again for yet another rain shower.
Pulling this guy up and down the hills of my neighborhood have to be giving me some sort of workout, don't you think?! He loves to walk the dog by the way, I promise I am not forcing him to hold the leash.
Ahh bliss. These two wear their skates so much I think they forget they have them on, they are so good at skating and they truly love it. Sometimes they are just wearing them around and walking through the yard, cracks me up, like the skates are part of their bodies. I remember some white and yellow skates I had when I was little, they had Minnie Mouse on them, I cried when they became too small for my feet.

That's how we like to roll.

Just a couple more pictures from the only sunny day we had last week.


Becca said...

cuties...all of them!

Beloved's Bride said...

That is how we roll around here too! ;) I wish it would stop raining around here as well.

Such cute pictures.

Jill said...

Glad to see you back again!! We are having lots of rain too :-( Ugh.
Great pictures!


Sarah said...

I'm giving you a big virtual hug! So happy to see your posts. I love the pictures of the kids having fun in the sun. They are all soo cute.

I'm sorry to hear how sad you have felt lately. I know how frustrating it all is. When Corie moved from Cincy when I lived there I was devastasted. I had never felt so lonely. I've left Becca so many times I'm surprised she stil wants to be my friend :) Starting over in a place where you have always been is hard. Making another close friend is not easy, especially when all you want to do is move on yourself. I want your house to sell darn it!!

You'll be zipping around in no time Jen, with the baby in one hand and the vaccuum in the other. Your body will get back in shape in a flash, don't you worry girl :) I know the to-do-list is a mile long. If I was there I'd come over and help, and you wouldn't want me to, but I'd insist, and then force you to put your feet up and eat ice cream! I know! What kind of friend am I?? I'll tell you what kind...the kind that regrets not eating more ice cream with my last pregnancy when it was perfectly acceptable to do so :)

Here is what a Pediatrician once said to me. He said he was happy to see good parents having more kids because bad parents weren't slowing down on reproduction. So you are doing something for the whole planet by having another lovely and responsible human being :) I also know this, you get lots of attention when you have three boys, people give you all sorts of looks and make groaning and moaning sounds while you pass. I've always enjoyed giving them some thing to talk about-I'll show you big moany groanies-My kids might be a handful but I'm going to have a smile on my face while I drag then through the store :) So, I can imagine people's chins hit the floor when you say this is #4 baby and it's #3 boy, but some people just can't wrap thier brains around that much love...show them what your made of Jenny!

Kerri said...

You have such a nice neighborhood for bikes and skating! I wish we had sidewalks.

Your kids are so cute Jenny!