Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Look what the stork brought us!

It's a boy! Tanner John was born on December 27th at 12:35 PM, weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces, 21 3/4 inches long, some peachy-fuzz hair and the longest fingers and toes you've ever seen.OK, so I look like a swollen up, beached whale but this is the only picture of the kids wearing their "big brother and big sister" shirts where they are both looking at the camera. This is what you look like after 24 + hours of labor, many drugs, and about 12 bags of "fluids", my feet are still swelled up! (I am not nursing in this picture, even though it looks like it, I am not trying to be like Angelina or anything!!!) Anyway, we are thrilled to have our newest little man, he is so cute and cuddly, of course wanting me to hold him all the time. I'll keep you posted on everything... for now I am going to enjoy his tiny-ness and try to catch a nap.

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

all done

Mmmm, I wish everyone could share some of these...and these...Our tree, looking like it is leaning a little... I don't think I put one ornament on this year! I was too busy on cleanup duty... the kids were breaking ornaments faster than I could get them out of the boxes! This is the only big one we put up this year, my other three big trees as well as our miniature ones will have to wait until next year. Every time I opened up a storage box, I just put the lid back on, knowing I would have to put it all away once the new baby arrives, honestly it was too overwhelming. This is the one Santa visits anyway, the rest are just for me to show off my massive ornament collection.Baking is done.
Tree is decorated.
Stockings are hung.
Presents are wrapped.
Casseroles are in fridge for the big dinner.
DVR loaded with Christmas shows.
Kids officially bouncing off the walls with anticipation.
Now all we have to do is wait... we're ready Santa!
Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope Santa brings you everything on your list and especially love and happiness and health.

Monday, December 22, 2008

devils and angels

Yeah sure, they look like angels hard at work but they are truly devils in disguise. Last night they pulled a chandelier from our ceiling, yes, a working light fixture came down to the floor. Zoe apparently decided to swing from it. We (me and hubby) were so mad we couldn't even yell at them. I had some gruesome visions of appropriate punishment but we settled on "I can't believe you would do that with Santa and his elves watching you and getting ready to come here soon!" Guilt, works every time. We got the light re-hung and it works, my hubby rocks, but the anger has not disappeared. Hopefully, that will never happen again.

OB update:
I am 2 cm dilated, baby is not engaged enough to start anything. I am going Friday to the hospital for a 10 AM induction. My doctor said to be ready because chances are baby will come since we made it official and scheduled it. I pray not, I want to be home for the big Santa reveal! Some feelings: Glad to know the end is near but I hope things go on their own naturally, do not like inductions at all! Sad to know I won't be this little one's sole protector after Friday. Wondering if this is my last time pregnant, ever? Excited to meet him/her. Nervous for a complication-free birth. Happy that everything has gone well so far and my body is hanging in there. Teeny-bit irritated that I have to go the day after Christmas, no rest for the weary! Panicked, do I have everything ready? Sad because these are my final moments as just P and Z's mom, going to have to be even more of a time-manager. Mourning the loss of my daily chocolate habit- gotta get back in shape. Thrilled to literally share the news of our little bambino in a few days with the whole world!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Easy Bake Oven warning

Warning: to all the moms and dads who bought Easy Bake Ovens, or to Santa's elves packing up gifts for little ones, be sure to check and see if you have to get the lightbulb that cooks the food in the oven. Ours did not come with one and it would make for a crummy Christmas day if we hadn't noticed. Check the box so your little Becky Home-ec-y won't be disappointed on the big day. I am furious that the Easy Bake people chose to omit this from the oven. How terrible! We never would have noticed if a friend of ours hadn't told us first. I guess they chose to leave it out to save a buck or two. I had a hard time finding the correct wattage, you'll need to go to a home store probably, so you have the most selection. Good Luck!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Key to the City

My hubby rocks! He is the cute tall one. He got the Key to the City last night and Dec. 18th is officially named in his honor. Our mayor read the most gracious letter about his service to the community, I was so proud. You go Paul! Love ya.

On another note...
You have got to be kidding me?! My kids are sick with the stomach flu, AGAIN! What is this some kind of cruel joke? I swear I cannot catch a break. If I get it, so help me, I will have to cause severe bodily harm to someone! Back to laundry and Lysol-ing...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

baby pages

Whether my baby wants to or not, he/she is going to come out and I'm ready. I've got the crib, the diapers, the wipes, the film, and now a whole bunch of scrapbook pages ready to go. I did this for Zoe and Parker and it really helps. I made a slew of pages (gender neutral of course) that are ready for pictures and documentation. Most of them are "first" pages, things all babies experience, like first tooth, first Christmas, etc. very basic and simple. Even more incredibly exciting, I used products I already had, mostly leftover from Zoe and Parker's stuff, way to save some money! Now I must say, I will make personalized scrapbook pages of events that happen but these are a perfect starting point for me, this is where I might buy some new stuff or elaborate on technique. When I have pictures, it will be so easy to put them on a page and not get stressed about "being behind." I mostly made a title using stickers or stamps and put each page in a protector along with paper to use as photo mats or journaling and any other matching embellishment, that way I won't have to search for anything. I did not get an album yet, gotta wait and see if I need pink or blue. Obviously, I would like to have the latest and greatest products to use. but I told myself that the baby is not going to know or care when he/she grows up that I did not use stickers from 2008, the story and memory is what's most important, right? Although it was next to impossible to resist Becky Higgin's baby kit she introduced not too long ago, I'm proud of myself for not spending the $40 on it. Geez, if he/she would ever make an appearance, I could actually put these pages into use!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

stubborn baby or comfy baby?

OB update
No baby, yet. I have not progressed any further from last week, although when I complained to my OB, he said, "well you are a week more along." Yeah buddy, try 40 weeks, time to get this show on the road. I will not be able to be induced until the 26th. Nice huh? So if baby decides he/she really likes it in there, at least I know that I'll be going on the 26th. That just seems like a long way away with Christmas (and in laws) coming between now and then. I am becoming the master of deep breathing since heavily drinking is not a possibility. A funny note, when I came home from my doctor's appointment, Parker met me in the garage. His little hands were outstretched and he said, "mom, where is da baby? I want to see it nooooow." He apparently thought I was going to the doctor to get the baby. Oh, I love that little man.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mug tree

Oh, the possibilities...I found this mug tree at the grocery for a little more than $2.00. I bought one for me and one for Zoe. I plan on using mine to hold rolls of ribbon. I got the one for Zoe hoping she'll put her jewelry on it, instead of dropping it all over her room. She was more excited to paint and glitter it so it will match her room, go figure. Funny how we see the same things differently.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yoplait yogurt lids & the Bachelor

Do you save these? It's almost time to send them in so Yoplait will donate the money to the Race for the Cure. I have a huge stack to send in, yogurt is one of the only things I can eat that doesn't give me heartburn (thanks baby). Just make sure you put enough postage on the envelope, I didn't one time and it got sent back to me. Just a little reminder to help our grandmothers, sisters, friends, mothers, aunts, neighbors and total strangers... every little bit helps right?!
They are sucking me in again! The ads are already on, the Us blog has been talking about it, and I keep scanning the mags at the grocery checkout for information that might have been "leaked." Why can I not resist "The Bachelor?" I keep telling myself I won't watch it this time, but I am finding myself excited to know that Jason is engaged, the guy deserves it, I was totally rooting for him last time. Ugh, I really should not be rotting my brain with this mindless television, I should be watching Nova or Discovery Channel, I just can't help myself!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Isn't it amazing how light you can feel after a stress/weight is lifted off you? I agonize every year over what to get my husband's secretaries and office staff. It is so hard because there are about 15 women he (and his assistants) want to recognize at the holidays for their dedication and hard work. As most people know, working in public education is far from profitable so these gifts have to be fairly inexpensive. I start thinking of them in August usually, running ideas by my hubby so I can get ready to shop. We have done homemade stuff, bought stuff, you name it, I have tried it. I had a couple different ones this year but we settled on this... (sorry about poor photo quality- bad lighting)
It is an ice cream bowl (found at Olde Time Pottery- love that store) with a bunch of candy, bags of sprinkles, and a gift card to Graeters Ice Cream (the best ice cream in Cincinnati- Oprah even raves about it, you can order it online by the way and have it shipped to you!) The theme was kind of "treat yourself to a sundae." I am happy with the way they turned out. I bought very large containers of sprinkles and put a serving into those teeny jewelry baggies you can buy at hobby shops so it would be contained in the bowl. I think the bowl is cute too because it has a little "foot" so it looks pretty fancy in case the gals want to put it on their desks for candy or paper clips, whatever.
I usually wrap each gift but I thought I would make it easier on myself and use gift bags this year. I chose to not do an elaborate tag (as I usually do) instead adhering it to the front of the bags with a small flower embellishment. I like them actually, simple and rather understated. I hope they all like the gifts. My philosophy is this: if I want it for myself, it must be pretty good.

Friday, December 12, 2008

the Office

Have I ever mentioned that I love "The Office?" Well, I do. I scream, snort, and get a bellyache from laughing every Thursday night. Last night's episode was sooo... funny, totally didn't expect the doll Darrell was holding to look like she did, you gotta watch! I watch the reruns on TBS and I check their website, a lot. I have a huge crush on Jim, don't tell my hubby, shh! He thinks my only love besides him is John Travolta...And I secretly am coveting a Dwight bobble head and I want to get Paul one of those "world's best boss" mugs, except he doesn't love the show as much as I do so that would purely be for my benefit. Anyway... the other day I was watching a scene I had on our DVR just to get a laugh, it had been one of those days, you know? And as soon as Zoe heard the opening theme music, she said, "Oh no, she's watching "the Office" again" (note this was in a true exasperated tone of voice).
My secret love- hmmm.... kiss kiss...
For the past few weeks, the kids have been playing office. I don't know how it came about. They have these boxes, phones, clipboards, name tags, mailboxes, cups of coffee (go figure!), and they insist on paging me all the time. I totally crack up at their imaginary phone conversations with mad customers. I still haven't figured out what their office does, but they are definitely having fun.
The kids and I made these "mailboxes" out of Pop tart boxes (Zoe's idea) and they want me to fill them with mail everyday. They keep them on their box desks in case anyone needs to put stuff in them, so they say.
Yep, we love "the Office."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

pantry project

Why aren't my presents wrapped?
Why aren't my floors mopped?
Why do I always complain about not having enough time in the day?
It's because of projects like this one. Last week after I came home from the grocery, I was putting things away and bags of chips and paper towels kept falling on my head from the top of the pantry. So right then and there, I took everything out and starting doing "my thing." Organizing, sorting, purging, and finally labeling. It is such a sick addiction. I couldn't help myself, I just had to do it. I found out, I buy way too many canned tomatoes, by the way. My husband came home from work in the middle of the mess and Zoe said, "Dad, can you believe she gets all this stuff in there?" Our giant kitchen island was completely covered with the stuff from the pantry and I was scrubbing shelves and baskets. (My husband claims I am part elf because I can cram a lot of stuff in a tiny area. So this was really funny to me at the time.) Despite the fact that this seemed random, I've actually wanted to do it for a long time. I like the results, everything is in such better order and it is easier to find what I need after grouping things together. I must note, I did not buy new matching baskets or anything, just used what I had. I have tons of baskets and containers, oh, don't get me started on that...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OB update

39 weeks update: OK, our baby is due in one week, I am still 1 cm dilated. Let's just say when the doctor told me, I cried. I just couldn't believe I hadn't progressed any further. I, for a minute, felt kind of bad because I think my doctor felt bad too, but you know what? I really thought I'd be at least 3 cm or more! Normally, I swear I wouldn't care, I like to let nature take its course, but I really feel the pressure to be home for Christmas with Z & P. I want to be here with them, I can't imagine missing Christmas morning because I'm in the hospital. The doctor says that all is well and since my other two did not come early this one probably won't either. Urgh, oh well I guess the one positive is that I have more time to do holiday stuff... that is, if I could move/navigate my huge belly.

Monday, December 8, 2008

right here right now

Picture this:
I'm at the grocery late at night, not a big shocker there, when I swear I had a vision of my future. I saw this teeny elderly lady pushing one of the gi-normous carts with her purse securely on her forearm browsing the magazines. In her cart she had a bunch of bananas, a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper, and two cans of soup. In her hands, she had three "rag mags" as I call them, trying to decide which one to purchase. She looked at my cart (which was completely overflowing as usual) and said, "Oh sweetie, I remember those days of full carts and big gallons of milk." We exchanged a few nice words and I thought as she walked away, that will be me someday, getting just a few necessities at the store. Maybe I'm sentimental because it's Christmas or maybe I'm overly emotional because I am pregnant, but on the way home I reminded myself to enjoy things right now because they won't be like this forever. The big grocery bills, hectic schedule, loud house, 85 loads of laundry a week, and muddy footprints on the floor will be distant memories someday. I promptly came home and gave my kids kisses as they slept and didn't even complain when my husband wanted to watch an HGTV gardening show, again!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dec. 16 approaching

You know you are getting close to your baby's due date when the expiration date on the milk is the same. Kind of freaking me out a little...

another funny kid story:

Parker was brushing his teeth this morning, I was standing with my arms folded across my chest. Thanks to my low-cut maternity top (why do they all have to be so low?! Is that to make us moms to be feel good about something being so huge?) my a-hem cleavage was rather pronounced, shall we say. Parker said, "look mommy, you have a butt 'dere now!" Thanks buddy. Hurry up baby, I want normal sized ta tas again!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas books

Here's a tip to help you stay in the holiday spirit for the next few weeks, not that you could avoid it if you wanted to...

Gather up all your children's holiday books and put them in a central location (basket, shelf, whatever). During your reading time, encourage your child to choose a book from this location. It will help you to have discussions about what Christmas is really all about for you as well as continue to build your child's excitement until the big day (not that they need any help!). I also use this time to talk about expectations on Christmas day, like saying "thank you" for gifts, even if they are socks, books are great discussion-boards! This is one of the only times a day when my kids are truly attentive (and still) so it is great to have some quick talks. We read our holiday books all year long but to have them all in one place for just a few weeks makes them seem a little more special. My kids tend to pick the Rudolph and Frosty books most often but I also like to read the ones that explain Jesus' birthday, the manger and all that good stuff, this just makes it easier. I think the same would work if you have an extensive DVD collection. We don't have a lot but I made sure the ones we have are moved to the front of the pile for easy selection.

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

thanks for playing but...

OB update:

I am 1 centimeter dilated.

Whoop de doo! (sarcastic tone intended) Why do our doctors tell us this? I swear it is like the Price is Right parting gifts. "Sorry you didn't win, enjoy this nice consolation prize..." I don't want to hear I am 1 freakin' cm, I want to hear, "you're 5 cm, get to the hospital girl!" Urgh! My mom says I should jump up and down a lot to break my water (it broke with Zoe during a regular doctor visit after a good strong sneeze!). If my belly didn't feel like it would fall off, I just might get out a jump rope and get crazy. I'll keep you posted...

A funny Zoe story:

Zoe saw me putting toilet paper on the holder yesterday and in her best shocked little mommy voice she said, "didn't I just put toilet paper on there? I can't believe it! No one does anything around here but us Mommy." Now we know where we get it ladies, it's ingrained in us forever!
Future Mom nagging about too much work to do!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ornament tradition

Every year I add a photo ornament of the kids to the Christmas tree. They are my favorites, well actually I love all ornaments but these are the ones I love to look at each year after the tree is up and done. This year I used these sleds that were actually intended for gift cards (you know you put the gift card in there as a holder for the recipient). Zoe's school picture and a wallet of Parker's recent 3 years old photos fit almost perfectly, just needed a little trimming. I used some pieces of a scrapbook page protector to cover them and protect them from scratching. I labeled the back with a permanent marker with their ages and the year. That's it, simple. Oh and I should mention, I bought the sleds for .25 cents last year after Christmas from a marked down clearance rack. I stored them with my other ornaments so I wouldn't forget I had them thus forgetting to make them. Someday, I hope to have a tree full of embarrassing childhood pictures that will torture them endlessly when they are teenagers!

Monday, December 1, 2008

twin feet

Just because I cannot see my feet (no baby, no baby news, still have giant belly) doesn't mean I have lost my love for shoes. It actually means I miss the warm weather and flip flops because it is more challenging to put my shoes on then a ferocious two year old on the go! I have had these faux Chuck Taylors for about a year and this year Zoe wanted some too. (just a note- she has real Chucks too, the cool pink ones with no laces, they didn't have my size or I would so have some) We both have talked about how we should wear them on the same day, but somehow we always forget. Well, one day we did and strangely it felt kind of good, a mommy and daughter kind of bonding experience. I always think she is so much like her daddy it's nice to see she might want to be like me sometimes too. Secretly, moms, don't we all want our little girls to be like us?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

August Rush- watch it!

OK, so I am like a year or so late but I just watched this movie and I think you should too. Even my husband says, "it is a really good movie." While it isn't a holiday movie, it is filled with hope and love, good stuff for the holidays. Rent it, you'll be glad you did. It might just motivate me to dust off my own cello and play a little.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!Gobble 'til you wobble!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

fuzzy lip

Who is this man and what did he do with my husband? Do not mistake him for that guy on "Swingtown" it is really Paul, my hubby.We have all been watching the progress of Paul's mustache for a few weeks now. He got involved in a bet at school with some of his teachers and it is finally over. They were all going to grow mustaches to see who could have the best one, whatever that means. Thankfully, the bet only lasted until Thanksgiving break. He did not win, I guess the winner was able to grow the full handlebar 'stache. I am glad he had fun bonding with the guys. Just a note, my mom and some of the other ladies at his school that are about the same age thought he looked so dreamy. I think they were all reliving their 70's disco days, thinking back to the days of dudes in platform shoes and gold chains...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OB update

37 weeks check-up
No way am I going to share my current weight, even if I knew what it was, which I don't since I stopped looking about three months ago. The nurse asked me all kinds of questions to add to my hospital chart making it seem really real, this is going to happen soon. I finally got "checked", you know, to see if I was dilated and strangely I was kind of excited. Maybe it's because they have changed my due date about 5 times and I really feel like I have no idea when this baby is going to make its grand debut... either way, my doctor said I wasn't even "a little bit" dilated. Shocking since I feel like he/she is coming like any day, wishful thinking I guess. I suppose my peewee is just chillin' in there, enjoying the warm, cozy space. I'll keep you updated... the one funny thing that happened is this: the nurse says, "please give us a urine sample." As all women know a trip to the OB/GYN isn't complete without the cup experience. I know this, I promise, I've done it like a million times, or at least it seems like it. So I write my name on the cup, get ready to "go" and I sit down and forget to collect the sample. Yep, I just sat there and held it while I pottied. I stand up, holding the cup, still, not even paying attention until I had to wash my hands. Then I realized I forgot and had to go out and humbly tell the nurse what I did. I asked her if that happens a lot, it's got to right?! She said, "no, not really." Gee thanks for not really trying to make me feel better. I'm going to chock that one up as my biggest pregnancy brain fart.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU vs. Michigan today at noon

This one is for my hubby... O-H-I-O! Go Bucks!!!
Hang on Sloopy.....

P.S. I am still a Wildcat who bleeds Blue! Go Cats! ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

my naughty and nice boys

The boys in my house are either naughty or nice on any given occasion, not really in-between.
My Max has been rather naughty lately. You see, he is spoiled, he thinks he should live on a beach somewhere (well, I do too, as a matter of fact) and he does not like to go potty in the cold so he just resists and goes in the house when I am not looking, usually in my closet or by my desk. I have been screaming at him constantly and cleaning my carpet a lot! This happens every winter. Our vet even says, he is spoiled. My poor husband has taken over my dog walking duty for now, since I pretty much waddle everywhere and I have to pee every 10 minutes that I am standing. Yeah, he looks cute, but he is super annoying.
My Parker, caught being nice. Actually, we have been bonding a lot lately. We have made cookies, crafts, played lots of board games. And I found out the boy loves to dust and clean with a spray bottle. Woo hoo! At least one of my kids will take after me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

UK love

Look at my girl, Ashley Judd... beautiful, fierce, and cheering for our alma mater... UK! Yep, that's right, we're both UK grads, I love being able to say that. I can just hear her saying, "Go Cats!" or "Get that rebound!" or "Hey, he traveled!" or some other cool basketball thing. Love UK! Love basketball! Love her! I had to share this picture, I saw it and I said to myself, "you go on girl." The only good thing about it getting colder is being able to sit on the couch and cheer for my Wildcats.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

scrappy card

A birthday card I just made...I've had Christmas on the brain so much lately that when I made this card, I was sort of impressed with myself. It was actually refreshing to use some orange and green instead of red and green. I just had to share a photo. The best part of this project, it is totally made from scraps I had on my desk. I was in the process of cleaning out some baskets on my desk (again- Christmas... I wanted everything in tip top order for all that wrapping and creating!) when I noticed I had this pile of stuff that kind of looked good together. So I slapped some of it together, stamped some words, and voila! I just love having a card on hand for those times when I realize I have to send one like yesterday in order to get it to the person on time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

teeny basket love

Merry Christmas to myself! I have talked about my love of Longaberger baskets often and that will probably never diminish. I just received my "tree trimming" basket in the mail. Isn't it the cutest thing ever?! After squealing with delight (seeing "Longaberger" on the return address label will do it every time) I ran inside and tore open the box. I don't think you can really see how big the box is compared to the contents... (minus the packing paper)
Look how cute! It is teeny, meant to hang on a tree. Ignore my hand, it looks like a giant man-hand right here, boy I need a manicure!Here is the basket all done up with its accessories. It is called the "Little Shopper." Don't you just love it!? I haven't bought too many baskets in the past few years (living on one income will do that to you) but I do try to get this one each year. They do look so adorable on my Christmas tree. I just love the whole experience of a new Longaberger, the smell of the stain on the basket, checking for the weaver's signature, putting in a liner and finding a proper place for display, just gets my heart racing. I'm such a geek.Here are some of my other tree trimmers. I love their petiteness. Not exactly practical but hey since I don't splurge on shoes anymore a girl's got to have a vice.

Monday, November 17, 2008

holiday wrapping

I gathered all my holiday wrapping supplies last week and the good news is I don't have to buy anything but more tape. I have a lot of paper and bags so I am set. Now all I have to do is get busy and use them all up making pretty gifts for everyone. I keep them in this big plastic tote so I can carry it all around. Sometimes I wrap on the floor (although giant belly might keep me from doing this method this year), sometimes I work at my desk, or my bed and usually Christmas Eve, I am working at my kitchen island. I try to do a little each day so I don't have one massive night of wrapping, that just makes me grumpy. Go ahead and check to see what you need for your holiday packages, I have seen lots of specials and sales already (Hallmark is giving a free roll of paper when you purchase one!) you'll be relieved you did.

Friday, November 14, 2008

pregnancy update

This one if for a couple of my gal pals who live far away and have been asking me about this pregnancy ticker thing at the top of my blog... for some reason, it does not show my true pregnancy status. I am actually 35 weeks along, about two behind the ticker. I have tried to fix it but I am so not a computer whiz that I can't figure it out. Anyway, I am due on Dec. 16th, maybe, my docs aren't sure. I hope to be ready around the 10th-20th. Sometime in there. I do not know if peewee is a boy or a girl and I have no inclination either way. I feel it could be one or the other on any given day. That's the fun of being surprised I guess! This pregnancy is very different from my other two so I can't even compare that way! I think it is because I was totally not in shape at the beginning, which has made everything that much harder along the way. I bought diapers today (size 1, not newborn, since my kids are always big) and I think that is the last thing I "needed" before he/she decides to make his/her big debut. We do not have names picked out, well I do, but my husband does not agree! Zoe wants a sister, Parker wants a brother (but mostly he doesn't want a baby, "I'm da baby, momma" he tells me) so either way, one of them is pissed forever. I have Braxton Hicks contractions all the time, I am an emotional wreck, giant spider veins have taken over my legs, I can't see my feet, I can't bend over without grunting, I have boobs the size of watermelons, but other than that, all is well. We're getting ready, my body says it is done, but my mind, not so much. I am just a teeny bit terrified of having another newborn but I can say I am anxious to hold him/her. I do love that protective feeling of having them in my tummy for as long as I can, just to make sure all is well. So until the big day, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that my water doesn't break in the middle of the grocery store while Parker and Zoe are running through the aisles (my reoccurring nightmare).

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A little organizing/going green/cleaning/ idea...
I put this little box right next to my desk where I scrapbook and do just about everything else a while ago. It is perfect for those envelopes from bills or mail and large scrapbooking scraps. I only put paper in it and on trash day it is super easy to grab and empty into the larger recycling bin. It always amazes me that I have it full each week, makes me feel so good that stuff is not going into the landfill.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

teacher gifts

A simple gift idea...
I just finished teacher gifts for this year. I am so excited that they are done. I think they will like them. I usually give a small gift at Christmas (a token of appreciation) and a larger one (usually a gift card) at the end of the year. This year I had a flash to give them some pampering. I got most of the supplies when they were on sale at my supermarket (love that one stop shopping) for buy one get one free. Here are the things I used... a bottle of red nail polish (Merry Christmas!), a small hand sanitizer, hand lotion, emery boards, and some red and green wrapped chocolates.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm spoiled

Look at all these goodies! Yep, they're all mine. Well actually some are for our baby but I'm claiming them. Sunday, after my three days of stomach flu trauma, I went to brunch for what I thought was some mommy time with my playgroup girls. Well, I walked in to see them all sitting there with my mom, my aunts, and my best buddy from college and a mound of gifts. Let me digress for just a second, I had just had "words" with my husband before leaving the house, nothing major, but when you are very pregnant, anything can set you off. So I was already crying when I walked in the door, still mad and all. When I saw everyone and realized what was happening, the floodgates opened again. After I collected myself, I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of gifts, food, and best of all, girl time. Wow, I can't remember the last time I felt overwhelmed by joy and love. I wish I could bottle up that feeling and keep it for future reference! Thank you to all those special ladies for treating me like a queen for a day. I am still feeling the high from it. I am blessed to have them all in my life and so thankful for such wonderful, caring friends.

Friday, November 7, 2008

just my luck

What are the odds?

That your child contracts the stomach flu the very same day you have scoured and cleaned all your household bathrooms?

That your other child who never stops moving, throws up, while you are holding him?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

busy morning

How can one innocent task lead to a morning of frenzied decluttering?!

I really wanted to just figure out if I had any bottles left and what nipples I needed for them, even though I plan on nursing our new baby, I like to have a few for backup. So with both my kids home sort of sickish, not sick enough to be laying around, sick enough to be bugging me! I spent the whole morning cleaning and reorganizing three cabinets in my kitchen. How does this happen? I swear I didn't mean to do it! Oh well, I have a full box for Goodwill (old mismatched glasses) and I realized I have no nipples for bottles. I then remembered that I quit giving Parker a bottle (when he was about 18 months old) when he chewed the last nipple to pieces. I think these small tasks are what multiply into major overhauls for me, yes now I am seeing all kinds of things that could be purged. It's a sickness I tell you. I can't stop myself!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

watching web news and making lists

I couldn't stay awake last night to watch the election returns, darn pregnancy... it was the first time that I can remember not knowing the results before I went to bed. I couldn't sleep and I wanted to get up several times to check the web for info but my exhaustion got the better of me. I have been crying so much this morning watching ABC News segments online. They have most of the highlights available for viewing. What a historic day for Americans. Can you believe our children are going to grow up not knowing that only white men have held our top political offices?! I was excited for either candidate to win, it was going to be so awesome either way. Regardless of what you wanted the outcome to be, you have to admit it is pretty exciting to be living history.

On a lighter note...
I think now is a good time to make a list of all the holiday stuff you want to do. Whether it be baking, visiting friends, caroling, special shopping, or other traditions, you should decide what you want to do and get out that calendar. Put those things on there before you get to booked up to squeeze anything else in. I have already decided on some baking days and I am looking for a day to shop with my best friend from college. These are things I don't want to miss just because we are busy. I am also going to schedule wrapping days and post office days so those things are left to the last minute. While having a new baby kind of limits my plans somewhat, I am still going to try to make a schedule I can stick with hopefully creating a less-stressful holiday season.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

go already

Today is your chance to make history people...

Go Vote!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Yesterday I was vegging on the couch with the kids watching a little bit of Noggin. You know how they have those segments between each show with Moose and Zee? Well they were talking about being thankful and so I said, "what are you guys thankful for?"

Zoe says: I am thankful for my nice teacher.
isn't that so sweet?

Parker says: french fries
hmm, I don't quite know what to say about that

I say: I am thankful for my two awesome kiddos.
which they promptly gave me a big hug, unprovoked

My love for Noggin just went up about 50%.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat

Well another perfect photo opportunity...shot... I can never get good trick or treat pictures to save my life (same goes for Christmas). In all the craziness to get ready to go I always miss the cute, posed shots of the kids in their costumes. Urgh! Every year I try to get things ready a little earlier and this year I even ordered pizza for dinner so I wouldn't have to worry about that, still we were crazed and running in and out of the house to get ourselves out in time. Oh well, I guess these are more representative of what our life is really like, as opposed to the smiling, hugging, standing-by-the-pumpkin-posed shots I envision...

show us those muscles Parker
singing and dancing before the big take off
their true colors

our wagon, always the best one decorated in the neighborhood (OK, so I am prejudiced)
I love this one... Zoe posing (she is totally Sharpay-diva!) and Max getting a good sniff of the treats! This is my life.

update: the candy we all seem to be eating first therefore I am assuming is our favorites: Reese Cups, yum!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween treat bags

I made these for a few special people in our family (teachers, mail carrier, bus driver) and I thought I would share them. Everyone seems to appreciate a little chocolate treat.

Another shot of the tags... I copied these tags (sort of) from a scrapbook designer featured in a magazine. The pumpkin is two different circles with pop dots in between. They look much cuter in person. Also, I have to share how "green" I am, the treat bags are recycled from Zoe's preschool party treats last year and the tag string is from a Gap shopping bag. I cut strings and cords off bags all the time, they are usually very easy to remove. Gap Baby has the cutest ribbon ever!!!

Also just a note: from my extensive personal research, the food that gives the yuckiest heartburn and should be avoided in pregnancy is... bacon. (For my preggo friends out there!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

making a list of gift recipients

I have been seeing a lot of organizational tips for the holidays lately, so I am not the only one out there with this stuff on the brain. I always hear that you should make a list of who in your family and friends you have to buy for and what you want to get, what you actually get, etc. I have done this for a couple years now but this morning I thought of all the other people I buy for and made a list. Whew, I am so glad I did. It really helps me to have this all written down and I think it will be easier to keep track of everything and not forget anyone thus finding myself scrambling at the last minute. Some people on my non-family list include: teachers (at school and extra curriculars), the bus driver, mail carrier, nice dry cleaner ladies, neighbors, and my husband's office staff (and a few other staff people). I am making a master list of all things I need for these gifts as most of them are home-made or home-assembled by me. I hope it helps me to not over spend or over buy. Maybe this is something you might want to do too?last year cookies for the custodians at Paul's school

Monday, October 27, 2008

Darn that Halloween anyway

I just realized that I have already eaten all the Butterfingers out of our giant variety candy bag meant for trick or treaters. Urgh!

Zoe "really, really, really," wanted to be Sharpay for trick or treat so we tried on the costume, bought the costume, brought costume home and now she doesn't like it. Urgh!

I am supposed to go to the classroom party at the kindergarten center Friday but have no babysitter for my 3 year old. Urgh!

As of Friday, I have about 6 weeks to get all my holiday stuff ready, just in case baby comes early or even on time. Urgh!

It is supposed to be cold on trick or treat, do you think Zoe will wear a t-shirt under the costume that she hates?! Urgh!

Is it too early to say "Bah humbug?" and does that apply to Halloween?

Friday, October 24, 2008

in case you see a pregnant lady...

Things you should never say to a pregnant woman:
1. Wow, you must be getting ready to pop!
2. You must be due any day now.
3. Look at that belly!
4. Are you sure you want hot sauce ma'am? You'll give that baby heartburn!
5. Were you really little to begin with? Because you are really showing now.
6. Is that baby going to come soon or what?
7. Are you having twins?
8. Is your husband really big? How can you grow such a big baby in there?

These are all comments I have heard in the past three days. I am not exaggerating. Only one of these is from someone I actually know (ahem, my husband!) and I won't tell you which one. Can you believe the nerve some people have? I try to brush it off and just laugh to their faces but it kind of gets to you after a while. I mean come on people, I'm pregnant here! Major hormone surges, tears flowing like water, emotional wreck, ya get it!?

Here are the only things I think people should say to a pregnant woman:
1. You have such a beautiful glow.
2. Your hair looks fantastic.
3. You have such a perfectly round belly, just like Rachel on "Friends"
4. You hardly show at all.
5. You are tiny, are you sure you're ____ weeks along?!
6. You have never looked better.
7. Pregnant women are the most beautiful women on Earth.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

fa la la la la

A house not far from ours, last year, all decked out for the holidays...It won't be long now... Can you believe Halloween is almost here? Wow, that sure came fast. I don't really have it too much on the brain, we'll take the kids out, get lots of candy, etc, etc, etc. But I do have Christmas ideas swirling around like a hurricane. I have been ordering things on-line (a few at a time) and picking up small gifts I see (especially stocking stuffers) in the hopes that I won't be frantic in December. It's actually a little refreshing, I know I'll be crazy trying to get it all done when it gets closer to the big day but for now, I am taking it nice and easy. I am making a master list of all gifts bought and "need to be bought" to stay on top of that. I have ordered some wrapping paper (gotta love those school fundraisers) and gift bags, I have begun making my holiday cards, and I am stashing all my loot in my big tub high in my closet, shh don't tell! Feels kinda good to be ahead of the game. I'll keep you posted on my progress...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

feeling nostalgic

The kids seem to be growing up so fast lately...Zoe has the attitude of a disgruntled twelve year old but she is loving trying to ride Parker's new skateboard (and she is surprisingly pretty good at it). She is talking on the phone to her friends from school (what???) and is more of a fashionista then ever.

Parker is using the official "youth" size basketball to shoot hoops and he won't come in until he makes a shot (reminds me of the movie "Hoosiers"). He is showing interest in writing letters and he sings all the time, especially songs we do at our Mom and Me class.

I know everyone tells moms (and dads) that they are only little for a short time but I had no idea it would be this short! Where are my chubby babies who took everything out of the cabinets? Where are my little babbling shadows who followed me around all day? Who are these little people with their own minds and their own thoughts? Guess I am feeling a little nostalgic.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

some things are worth waiting for

Since Paul and I were married seven years ago, I have wanted one thing for our home probably more than anything else but it has not been a necessity. Building two new homes required new landscaping and lawns, new blinds on every window, new towel bars, light fixtures, paint, ahh! You get the idea. Slowly but surely we have been getting the furniture we want but it definitely has been a long process. One income makes shopping for big purchases difficult, especially since I tend to have "champagne taste with a beer budget" as my mom has always said. This past weekend we finally got a new kitchen table. I absolutely love it! No exaggeration. I could not sleep the night before it was supposed to be delivered, I was so excited. Every night at dinner I would look at our poor, teeny, scratched, left-over from the bachelor pad table and sigh, "someday we'll get one" I'd tell myself. The arrival of a new baby got me to thinking, our table seats four, we are going to be five soon, hmm, can't put it off any longer. I told my husband, we are getting a new table for Christmas. I told him we use it every day and we will until someday when our kids move out and we are too old to have this big house so I want a new table now! No compromises or questions, he just kind of said, ok, you pick it out. This is what I chose...
Can you believe its awesomeness? I love it. I just want to rub it all time. I might get a round rug for underneath, I haven't decided yet, still love my wood floor and don't want to cover it up.
This is the inlaid top, you can't see the basketweave around the edge very well, but it is there and I love it so much.
Another view, we actually got 6 chairs for this beastly thing and when the leaf is in, we'll need them. For now, the four of us will continue to enjoy our nightly dinners here, until little peewee joins us.This bad boy weighs about 300 pounds, it is a solid piece of loveliness, have you ever heard anyone gush over a piece of furniture so much? I know I am a nut job. Eating mac n cheese at such a grand table sure makes it taste a lot better! Bon appetite!