Tuesday, December 23, 2008

all done

Mmmm, I wish everyone could share some of these...and these...Our tree, looking like it is leaning a little... I don't think I put one ornament on this year! I was too busy on cleanup duty... the kids were breaking ornaments faster than I could get them out of the boxes! This is the only big one we put up this year, my other three big trees as well as our miniature ones will have to wait until next year. Every time I opened up a storage box, I just put the lid back on, knowing I would have to put it all away once the new baby arrives, honestly it was too overwhelming. This is the one Santa visits anyway, the rest are just for me to show off my massive ornament collection.Baking is done.
Tree is decorated.
Stockings are hung.
Presents are wrapped.
Casseroles are in fridge for the big dinner.
DVR loaded with Christmas shows.
Kids officially bouncing off the walls with anticipation.
Now all we have to do is wait... we're ready Santa!
Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope Santa brings you everything on your list and especially love and happiness and health.

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Murillo Family said...

Everything looks great! Would you share your buckeye recipe with me, they look so yummy and different than the ones I made (yours look better!). Hope the baby waits until after Christmas so that you can be home like you want. Merry Christmas!!