Thursday, December 18, 2008

baby pages

Whether my baby wants to or not, he/she is going to come out and I'm ready. I've got the crib, the diapers, the wipes, the film, and now a whole bunch of scrapbook pages ready to go. I did this for Zoe and Parker and it really helps. I made a slew of pages (gender neutral of course) that are ready for pictures and documentation. Most of them are "first" pages, things all babies experience, like first tooth, first Christmas, etc. very basic and simple. Even more incredibly exciting, I used products I already had, mostly leftover from Zoe and Parker's stuff, way to save some money! Now I must say, I will make personalized scrapbook pages of events that happen but these are a perfect starting point for me, this is where I might buy some new stuff or elaborate on technique. When I have pictures, it will be so easy to put them on a page and not get stressed about "being behind." I mostly made a title using stickers or stamps and put each page in a protector along with paper to use as photo mats or journaling and any other matching embellishment, that way I won't have to search for anything. I did not get an album yet, gotta wait and see if I need pink or blue. Obviously, I would like to have the latest and greatest products to use. but I told myself that the baby is not going to know or care when he/she grows up that I did not use stickers from 2008, the story and memory is what's most important, right? Although it was next to impossible to resist Becky Higgin's baby kit she introduced not too long ago, I'm proud of myself for not spending the $40 on it. Geez, if he/she would ever make an appearance, I could actually put these pages into use!

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Sarah said...

girlfriend you are just too good! I am inspired by your organization. I think it's time for your own HGTV show :)