Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this week is kind of scaring me a bit

Finally, we are enjoying our yard. It has stopped raining and we can actually get out there and do some work. Well, big tall hubby is doing most of it since I can't bend over to do much. I know I will be wishing for rain soon especially since it was almost 100 yesterday!!! The kids are loving it: playing in the sandbox, running barefoot in the grass, spraying each other with water bottles, such bliss. I love warm weather.
I still haven't found the time or the energy to take this thing apart and try to fix it. Ugh. Just looking at it makes me tired. I swear right after I posted about how much I loved it, the dang thing just collapsed. Piece of crap.
I did get all this stuff (spring and Easter decor) put into the correct storage tubs. But I didn't get any summer stuff out. Maybe this week...
Like most of you bloggy mommas, I am feeling the push of the end of the school year. I cannot believe it is here already. I have tons to do. I really thought I was on top of things but honestly when Zoe broke her arm I had to just stop and take care of her. She only has three more days of school and I want to make sure we give her teachers each a little something. So that will be what we are focusing on this week. She is also receiving a special award this week at the awards assembly, I will let you know about that of course. In between running around getting gift cards and gifts I will also be getting ready for her dance recital (she is going to try to dance with her broken arm) and family visitors this weekend. AND I have two little boys who are really energetic, they definitely do not understand the meaning of "rest" who will be needing me. Whew, see what I mean, this week is kind of scaring me a bit.

my things to do:
  • clean house for visitors
  • shop/plan meals for crazy busy weekend of dancing (three recitals, three days!)
  • get all teacher end of the year gifts together
  • repair and put away that dang coat storage thingy
  • laundry, gobs of it

my menus for this week:
  • scallops with spinach and paprika sauce
  • grilled veggies and steaks with corn and baked potatoes
  • salmon (chicken nuggets for kids) and rice
  • homemade pizzas
  • tacos and taco salads
Have a great week, hope everyone had a splendid Memorial Day.


Kerri said...

I want to eat dinner at your house this week! All that to do and you can still manage those yummy meals?! I wish I lived nearby...I would lend you a hand or two this week. Hopefully summer will bring a little bit of rest for you!

Karen said...

Oh my word Jenny! I forgot all about end of the year teacher gifts until I read your post! Eek! I'm so glad you reminded me! I agree the end of the school year push is hectic. We're soooo ready for summer. Hey. When is Baby #4 making it's appearance? I forget if you said when you are due.