Friday, May 27, 2011

preschool graduate

Sorry for the unexcused absences, we have been hit with tornadoes, thunderstorms and massive rain for the past week and it has knocked our power out a couple times and also did something wonky to our internet. I was bummed to be internet-less for a few days, man, I did not realize how many times I checked the Us Weekly news! And Facebook. And Blogger. And Yahoo news. And email... jeez!

Anyway, things are moving along here. From what I am reading on everyone else's blogs, I am not alone in thinking that I do not have enough time in the day to get everything done. Especially with school ending, there seems to be a loooooong list of things to do for everyone.

I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff done for Zoe's teachers this weekend, I guess I'd better since school ends next week! Argh! OK, heart racing, sweating, and stress is beginning. No big whoop.

Parker, my sweet boy, finished preschool last week (in the midst of his sister's broken arm trauma) and it made me so sad. I swear that was the quickest school year ever. He just went there for the first time a week ago with his little backpack and gel in his hair, well it seems like that anyway.

He had a great year. He had a small class, wonderful teachers, fun activities and he just grew up and matured right in front of me. I guess that's what preschool is all about. He has always been "my little man" but now even more so. He is definitely ready for kindergarten and I won't even get started on the anxiety that is causing me already!!!

Here he is at the muffins for mom day... that is his girlfriend by the way next to him, they have been an item for a long time and he thinks they are going to get married some day (doesn't that remind you of Forrest Gump and Jenny? the plaid shirt, her blonde hair...)
He wanted to buy his teachers "jewelry" for a gift. He already knows how to please the ladies! I helped him pick out these cute beaded earrings and I potted these geraniums. I got the flower stakes at the grocery. I offered to buy them but the flower lady just let me have them (I needed four.). I wrote the thank you notes on the inside of the little tags (on the right stake). I think I should have included a gift card for somewhere, I am feeling like these are kind of sparse. I just could not get it all together after the hospital visit last week. *sigh*
End of the year pool party. Outside. It was really cold but I braved the water (every 8 month pregnant woman's nightmare!) in my bathing suit. He had fun but I was honestly dying to get home.
They claim the water is heated but they will never convince me (or Parker!).
Tanner was with us too and he just liked jumping in from the side of the pool, over and over again. At least my arms were getting a workout!

Graduation. *sniff sniff* They even played the "Pomp and Circumstance"song which gets me every time, just like the dang wedding march! When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Parker said, "a chef." This has been his response to that question for about three years, we'll see. Do you think he'll be a big tall hubby someday too? He looks so tall compared to the other kids...
A nervous, but happy boy on the day of his graduation, see that forced smile. Love him.


Jill said...

Awwww preschool graduation...then Kindergarten...we are in the same boat! Love the pictures! Hope you are feeling well!


Becca said...

So cute! We've got one going to kindergarten too next year. This year did go by fast...I'm not quite ready to have two in school!

Jen said...

I love their little graduation hats...oh what a big day! Congrats!

Kerri said...

Your Forrest Gump comment made me laugh...he looks so proud in that picture! So sweet that he wanted to get his teachers jewelry! Oh how I loved those preschool years...darn it that time is just flying by.

RINI'S BLOG said...

great... your blog is verry good