Friday, September 28, 2012


It is fall sports time, as you know. This is the first time we have two kids in sports at the same time. It is craaaaazy! Last week, Big Tall Hubby had to go to a school event on Saturday morning and so I was a single mom for the day. I swear, if I could have split myself in two I would have, no matter how painful and bloody it would have been. I was running (dragging the other kids with me) between two fields (soccer and lacrosse) trying to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. It took me several days to catch up mentally, physically and emotionally. I was so focused on making sure we were at the right places on time, I didn't get to take pictures of Parker playing lacrosse.  :( It is going to be a wild fall for sure.                                   
 This was taken right before Tanner decided he wasn't going to play anymore. He threw himself on the ground and cried (loud enough for you to hear, no matter what state you reside in) for about the last 15 minutes of gametime. Eye yi yi! Poor guy, all that shuffling from one thing to the next probably did him in. 
I am blaming my insane kids' schedules on my lack of time to post lately. I swear, I don't have one minute to do anything "fun" on the computer. Ugh. I'm hoping to get caught up on some biggish projects this weekend so I'll have time to post and read everyone else's blogs. I certainly miss it. It got rather chilly here this last week so I had to immediately get out long pants for my two little ones. Which translates to dig through tubs in the basement to find the pants (in the correct size) which then forced me to just get out all the next sized clothes they need and put away the old ones, hence their closets, dressers and room are completely destroyed! I've been doing a lot of laundry this week. 
Ugh, again.

Things I am doing this week:

  • getting out next sized clothes for Tanner and Asher
  • putting away too small (and out of season) clothes for Tanner and Asher
  • downloading songs for Zoe's dance competitions (see, nothing fun for me!)
  • planning Parker's birthday party
  • getting a book bound for Parker (keepsake-will share later)
  • locating a high school picture for Big Tall Hubby (they need it for school, see, nothing fun for ME!)
  • cleaning out mysterious globs from my fridge drawers and door shelves, last minute project just kind of started itself
  • switch purses because juice and fish crackers have spilled in my current one, probably after the frantic sports weekend
  • order and pick up some photo prints (sale at Walgreens!)

Things I want to do but probably can't because there are little boy clothes on every flat surface in my house:

  • continue and finish two mini scrapbook albums I have been working on
  • cleaning up and deleting my email files
  • write some long overdue thank you notes (I'd better do these soon or the guilt will kill me)
  • finish organizing my basement pantry
  • take a load to Goodwill
  • clean and reorganize my spice cabinet (Asher does this for me daily, maybe I should cross this one off?)
  • get out fall decor
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be folding and hanging clothes, lots of clothes.  

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