Monday, September 10, 2012

time flies

Yep, time flies when you're having fun and when you're running around like a banshee trying to keep your house clean and make sure everyone is fed, clothed, bathed and where they need to be at the right time. Whew. My last post was about two weeks ago and I was so ready to begin regular blogging but then I got sick and well, you know moms don't get sick days so I've been in recovery mode. That's code for: I was sick and nothing got done and the house was trashed and we had no food to eat and we were all wearing wool socks because all our clothes were dirty. So any-who.

Remember these pics? This is Tanner when he was about 13-14 months old.
 You can't baby proof this thing, I've tried. Like, had to call a furniture/cabinet repairman to fix a hole from a baby lock I drilled in it once. $100 fix. I also just stack everything he dumped on the counter, makes it easier to clean the shelves at least.
 Pure stinker.
 Laughing and taunting me. Punk.
 Trashing my spice/baking cabinet is a right of passage. I swear, I probably have pictures of Zoe and Parker doing the exact same thing but I'd have to learn how to get film pictures on the computer and that's above my tech skills so I can't share those.
" Hmm, should I go for the sugar or the vanilla extract?"  You know that is what he is thinking...
 How about seasoning salt instead?
 Flash forward to now, here is Asher doing THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!! The only difference is my new countertops and I try giving him a basket of measuring cups to play with instead and nope. He's got sesame oil in this one. That makes a better "thud" sound when you bang it on the new dishwasher*. Boy, do they look alike or what?
 "Heh heh, I am so awesome. I can clear this thing out in two minutes flat!" You know he is thinking that.
 By the look on his face, I am guessing he is trying some spice, tarragon perhaps?
So, in between throwing everything back in this cabinet so I can cook and do dishes and the other 5 billion things I do every day, I'm feeling a little frazzled. Ey yi yi, it is getting better. Asher is mobile, very mobile, and fast so he is entertaining himself a lot but causing a lot of trouble in the process.

*yes, we had to get a new dishwasher. The old one only worked if I stood there and pushed on it really hard (or leaned my big fat Greek butt against it while I read a magazine). Yeah, that wasn't working out for me. I'd stop pushing/leaning and go get Asher from the dog bowls or get Tanner some juice or fix the computer for the older kids and then I'd have to assume my push/lean position until the dishwasher finished.  At least my butt was warm. A late night trip to the store and "help" from all of us and Big Tall Hubby installed me a new one. He must have been worried about me, standing still in one spot for so long, I never do that.

my things to do this week: 

  • clean spice/baking cabinet, ha ha, or just keep throwing everything back in there and slamming it shut
  • finish a mini scrapbook album I am doing for Asher
  • schedule pictures for little boys
  • straighten up my basement organizing materials- the kids had fun/tore it up over the summer
  • take a load to consignment
  • begin digital vacation scrapbook
  • pick up Zoe's last pair of really expensive, had to order because they didn't have her size and now I have to drag everyone to the shop again because they have the worst hours ever dance shoes

my menus for this week:
easy, fast, kid friendly this week because I have two parent meetings, an orthodontist appointment, and dance practice in the evenings this week

  • pizzas and salad
  • brown rice with peas and cilantro, kids: nuggets, Big Tall Hubby: oven fish, me: broiled tofu
  • jambalaya and french bread
  • pasta fagioli soup and more french bread (hey, we like our homemade bread at my house!)
  • thai cashew pineapple stir fry
  • grilled cheeseburgers and oven fries
Have a super awesome week!


Jen said...

Oh my...the spices are right at his level. Who needs Legos or matchbox cars when you can play with all that.
So cute...and a stinker!

Beloved's Bride said...

... but it looks like so much fun! I agree! (He is just too cute!)

Looks like a great menu.

Erin D said...

he's so cute.... those corner cabinets were a hassle for me also. in the end i just emptied it out!