Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watchin' my Weight Wednesday- bet you thought I forgot these!

I have been trying to drink more water for a while now. I drink a ton (I drink about three glasses before I even eat breakfast!) but everything I read, health related, says to drink as     much water as you can take.                                            
I'm super good at drinking tea and Diet Dr. Pepper. (I had given up my beloved DDP for about two years and then sleep deprivation set in and I needed caffeine. boo :(  I hope to wean myself off again. I hate the thought of drinking it, I know it has to be so bad for me but honestly sometimes you are just trying to survive!) I gave up milk, well cow's milk anyway, now I drink soy, almond, hemp, coconut, etc, and I rarely drink juice (I do add some cranberry juice to my water from time to time just to be crazy!) so you'd think adding water would be easy.

I keep hearing how you should put citrus slices in your water to make it more palatable. I normally go for ice only but I'll try something in the name of good health.

So I got out my pretty pitcher, the one I use for parties, and filled it with water from our fridge filter, sliced some limes and tossed in some ice. I thought if it was sitting on my counter looking all pretty and spa-like, I'd be like, "of course I'll have a glass!" The first day, I drank two pitchers full!  Whee! Or should I say, "wee wee"? I peed about every hour. No kidding.  The next day, I drank one and a half pitchers, I was gone most of that day. I was wee weeing in some grody bathrooms, let me tell you.  The third day, I kept fishing flies out of the top so I decided to forgo the pitcher on the counter and keep my lime slices in the fridge and just add them to my glass as I fill it up. I cut at least six slices so I have one for that "6-8" glasses you are supposed to drink each day, aren't I clever.

Right now, I do not find myself hankering that citrus water over a DDP or some hot tea, I was hoping to trick myself. But I think I'm smarter than that.


Becca said...

That sugar will get you! It's like crack! I think you're awesome for trying the pitcher that you've been drinking more maybe your body will start craving it!! I'm working on drinking more water too, I just get frustrated at how bloated I feel, initially,as my body gets used to the added intake! Glad to see you back to WMWW :)

Erin D said...

we weeee... lol! thanks for a good giggle. great idea though!