Friday, September 14, 2012


When we first moved into this house, we hadn't sold our hold house and so we had two mortgages, no grass (because we couldn't afford to buy seed and water!), and I think we lived on Kraft macaroni and cheese for about a year. Sometime during those first few months, a photographer called and offered to come to our house and take pictures of Zoe (who was probably 18 months old) and I would get a free 8x10 picture. Whoo-ee! I was all about free pictures of my baby. So they came and took a gillion pictures of my beautiful daughter. They then came back with the photos and I bought at least a million of the gillion (Big Tall Hubby was not pleased!) because they really captured her spirit at the time. The best shot of all was one of her looking out the window at our yard of mud, rocks, and dirt. The sun hit her perfectly, highlighting her round cheeks and fuzzy head. Since then I have taken pictures of the kids by these windows and they always turn out lovely. 


 Even if the picture is a little blurry or off-centered (or showing massive bug bites!), I still love it. These are Asher. 
 Just to prove I am not exaggerating, here is Tanner, about 13 months old too. 
The ones I have of Zoe and Parker are film pictures, trust me, they are precious too. Some traditions you just have to maintain.

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Kerri said...

What is it about kids looking out the window that make for great pictures?! He is a cutie...and I can't believe how much he and Tanner look alike at that age. Wow!