Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday check in

Yesterday my family went on a riverboat ride in Cincinnati to celebrate a special birthday for my mom. She will be embarrassed if I tell you how old she is but it was a special one. I loved the boat ride. We went about 10 years ago and it was just as good now as it was then.
I love love love Cincinnati. As much as I hate Ohio (the winter, and lack of outdoor activities that do not involve consuming beer, how we are always referred to as "Battleground State!"), I do love Cincy. 

Perfect weather. I've run across this bridge a few times for races. You never realize that bridges have inclines, until you are running on them!
The Bengals were playing. Whodey! Whoop! I want to go to a game now. 

My cutie. The rest of my clan was running around the boat like maniacs. I was sitting. For two hours. I never do that! It was bliss.
Stuff I am doing this week:
You'll see some repeats from last week, I guess I thought I'd have more time than I really did.

  • finishing a mini album for Asher
  • beginning/continuing our vacation scrapbook
  • ordering some holiday gifts (aren't you proud of me? I'm trying to be on the ball!)
  • mailing a gift to my cutie nephew for his birthday
  • reorganizing my downstairs pantry and basket storage
  • cleaning up some old emails (why do I save them? they just make me feel icky)

my menus for this week:
boring, because after the crazy busy weekend I had, I ran to the store and grabbed what I could in the least amount of time

  • baked chicken/tofu and salads
  • sausages/veggie sausages and saurkraut and potatoes, corn on the cobb
  • spaghetti and salad and homemade bread
  • veggie soup and sandwiches on breadmaker rolls
  • sweet and sour chicken/tofu stir fry
  • vegan pumpkin muffins
Have a great week. If you are ever in Cincinnati, take a ride on the riverboats. If nothing else to just sit down for a few hours. It is pure heaven.


Jen said...

Oh much fun. And a pretty day too. Love your sunglasses. You look so cute!

Erin D said...

I love Cincinnati too! I lived in Ohio from the age of 8 until I graduated college. My family used to live in Perrysburg (outside of Toledo) and I went to college at Miami University. Loved it at Miami.... we spent a lot of weekends in Cincinnati!

Sarah said...

Ordering holiday gift!!! Oh, that is making my head spin :) You go girl! I mean, you go organized mommy!!

Never rode the river boat in Cinci. That will be on our list when we come to visit.

Love how little Asher sucks on his finger-cutie!