Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September means back to school

I can't believe I forgot to post the kids' first day of school pictures. Yikes. My brain is on slow-mo lately.  Anyway, they DID start school and all is well. 

We are getting to the point that I am jealous of my daughter's clothes and shoes... I want these shoes so bad. Fourth graders should not have cooler shoes than their moms.

 Look at the cutest first graders you've ever seen. (He already has a girlfriend. No kidding. He's a stud I tell ya.)
 I don't know why I started taking pictures of their shoes. I just think new shoes on the first day is a must and they are always so proud of them too. 
 This is the only year (until high school) that they'll be in the same school (unless we sell our house and move). Crazy. They both have good teachers and are making new friends left and right.
 And did I mention, they BOTH are student council representatives for their classrooms? We are thrilled. Zoe has been trying since first grade and she is super pumped up, she wants to lobby to get the playground equipment painted and maybe get a water fountain installed outside. Parker's teacher picked him and he can't wait to go to meetings and sell pencils at lunch.  My little activists, I love it.
 This guy wears his "pack pack" to the bus every day. Even though he is not in school. He will not be left behind. He is proud to pack it every morning with whatever trinket he finds laying around. He is in swim lessons, soccer, and a pre-preschool ABC class so he is busy too. Putting on this back pack everyday cracks me up.
We made chalk drawings to celebrate. I should probably make one to congratulate our newest student council members, if the rain holds out I will. 


Erin D said...

My first grade son has a girlfriend too! What is with that? My 4th grade daughter has no interest! It's all kinda funny. Oh and I love your daughter's shoes too!

Bring Pretty Back said...

AWWWW!!!! I love first day of school pics! They look so cute!
I know! Really!!! I am jealous of the shoes as well!!
Have a pretty day!

Jill said...

So adorable!! Looks like they are settling in to the new school year wonderfully! Have a great week.