Wednesday, April 28, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday and a quickie

A little quickie:

Here is my newly re-organized coat closet...
Doesn't it look so spacious? That is what I was hoping for. It is seriously teeny. Some ding dong designed this huge house of mine. 3500 square feet (not counting the basement) with four bedrooms, obviously a family home, and we have the WORLD'S SMALLEST coat closet and laundry room. Grrrr... I have serious issues with these. Anyway, it is my hope that a potential buyer will open this closet and see all the space and think "wow, look at all that room!" Those big green square things are our dining room table covers, they are big and heavy and there isn't another place close to the dining room to store them. The hooks are for each kid to hang a coat they are using right now, since they can't reach the hanging rod. They keep their umbrellas there too.
See that big box? That is one of those temporary wardrobes you put together to store out of season clothes. I put most of our winter gear in it and it is stashed in the basement. Hopefully our potential buyers won't notice it and think " woah, so that is why she has so much space in that closet!"
The closet before, I know, terrible, don't get me started on how I am the only one here who takes care of anything...

Watchin' my weight Wednesday:

To keep myself gym ready at all times I have learned to prepack my bag. Funny thing, in my gym rat days before marriage, I also did this with a much huger bag filled with tons of stuff. Now I barely have time to get to the Y, let alone, linger there and shower/put makeup on, etc. And now I get dressed at home for working out, I used to go after work so I had to change, man, does that sound weird! Work. Long time ago.

I keep this cutie pie Longaberger bag hanging in my laundry room. It has my MP3 player, with a spare battery, my heart rate monitor, water bottle, lock (from my sophomore year of high school- I swear it is the same one!), and spare change for the vending machine. Hey, sometimes I drink all that water and a Diet Cherry Coke is just calling my name!
When I come home from spinning or exercising I throw the towel and water bottle in the wash and immediately put them back when they are clean. I only go to the Y a few times a week. I run on my treadmill at home on the days my hubby goes to the Y. I have weights at home too. We both try to go before the kids get up, it is hard to get motiviated that early, but I hate putting my kids in those child care rooms. Ick. And, I like to get it done early. At home, I watch VH1 music videos and they are only on at that crazy early time, makes it somewhat more enjoyable.
OK, so while my pictures we uploading, I was typing, and they are in a weird order, sorry. I don't know why I can't rearrange them... You get the idea, right?! Oh, I have an even cuter winter Longaberger bag with holly on it, I am so ridiculous.

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Kerri said...

I take a spin class too twice a week...hate it...but it sure does burn a lot of calories!
I grew up about an hour from Longaberger! Cute bag! I didn't know they made bags! I haven't been to a party or seen a book in forever!