Tuesday, April 27, 2010

home staging

This is one of my blatant attempts to tempt buyers to purchase our home. I printed off info about our golf course, added some golf balls and tees, threw in Zoe's grass from school and voila! Instant temptation! That is for the men/husbands who are here probably against their will with their wives who insist on seeing our house and not making an offer or lowballing (oops, I was getting a little sarcastic there, sorry!). Anyway, in addition to this, I also have fresh flowers on the counter and kitchen table, place mats with pretty napkins and plates on the island, clean towels in all the bathrooms, no toothbrushes are visible or dirty laundry, and of course the ever present pug (see his butt up there in the photo? I swear his pug butt is in 90% of my photos!) is carted away with me and the kids as we find things to do during our showings/open houses. I always have fresh cookies for open houses too, darn it, I don't want you people taking my cookies and not making us offers!!! Does any of this actually work? Or am I just killing myself trying to "stage" my home? I am not sure, I hope it works soon, I am seriously going batty trying to get this thing sold.

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Kerri said...

I think the real definition of "staging" is pretending everything is perfect all the time and nobody really lives in this house! You're doing a GREAT job...hang in there! LOVE your little basket of tees and the little grass beside it...ever think about being a professional stager? Cause you're really good at it! :)