Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crocs for one, Crocs for all

We are ready for warm weather...
green= Paul
pink= me
yellow= Tanner
blue= Zoe
red= Parker

I recently got us all Crocs. (You can't see it but Paul's and Tanner's are right next to each other, it is crazy to see the size difference.) I resisted Crocs until now for myself and Paul, they are kind of goofy looking and they don't fit my feet really well, or Paul's for that matter. I do however think they are adorable on kids, all those bright colors, so cute.

Anyway, Paul and I each had soccer flip flops to wear when we were running outside to take the dog out or trash or whatever. Well, the flips finally flopped. We had to throw them out, they were coming apart, mine were held together with duct tape so it was time. I found my Crocs and Tanner's at Hallmark (clearanced price 60% off!) and the rest I got at the outlet mall. Zoe and Parker were wanting different colors but blue and red were on sale, that made my choice easy. The kids love being able to just throw these on and run outside. I do have to admit, I am missing my taped flip flops, nostalgia, I guess. Bring on the warm weather!

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