Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Zoe and Lacy are dressed in their Earth Day shirts. She just had to wear this today. So cute.

Don't have much to say about Earth Day, we try to live Earth Day everyday. I am pretty much the recycling nazi in my house, we collect rainwater to water our plants, we use those dang light bulbs (even though I think they are so ugly), we are growing lots of veggies this year, we plant trees every year (that we will have to leave when we move **sniff**), we turn off and unplug stuff, we use cloth bags at the grocery, I have already picked out my compost bin for the new house (again, when we move), we eat lots more organic food now, we shop at the farmer's market when it is session, my husband rides a scooter for all errands (used to ride it to work- now it is too far away), we are looking forward to moving to our new "sidewalk" community so we can walk and bike everywhere... that's all I can think of for now, I know we do lots more, we really do try to be conscious of our carbon footprint.

In honor of Earth Day, I planted flower seeds with the kids (even Tanner) that they got in their Easter baskets. We fed the birds really special bird food, we put out some nuts for our squirrels who visit every day. We will also spend most of the day outside. Actually, we do this pretty much every day, but we are just acknowledging it I guess.

I am super excited to watch "Food Inc." this weekend, if I get a spare 91 minutes. I read the book and watched snippets of it already. I think this will make me even more focused on being healthy/natural.

This morning I read in our local newspaper about the Miller/Coors brewery right next door to us (basically). They have reduced their garbage output to about 1%. They recycle or reuse 99% of their waste! That is amazing! I freakin' love it! They have mandatory recycling and the grains they don't use for brewing are given to local cow farms. Employees ride bikes from one end of the facility to another (about 40 acres). Office trash cans were removed so people have to get up to throw things out, which makes them more apt to recycle instead of mindlessly throwing things away. The only things they send to the landfill are lunch trash and bathroom trash. They had a goal to do this in five years, they did it in two. I am so proud of them, I am going to find a way to send them a note saying how awesome they are. If they can do it, so can other people/companies. Right?!

Now go hug a tree or something.

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Sarah said...

Good luck Jen at the 5k. You'll do great! Can't wait to hear about it and about the 3rd showing next week-exciting!! Tell Zoe she is as cute as a button with her tshirt and American doll. And Parker, he is the kind a friend I need. I love a guy with an eye for special treats.