Friday, April 9, 2010

Dayton Dragons

Oh my goodness, we had such a fun night last night.

We went to a Dayton Dragons minor league baseball game. We have been before and we love it. The venue is much smaller than a major league game and it is very family friendly. As we were walking in, one of the workers stopped us and asked us to have Tanner participate in a "Toddler Race" in between innings. They do lots of silly skits throughout the game and they are very funny and entertaining. So of course, we said, yes. We went down to meet the Dragons guys and they took us on the field and Tanner got to "race" two other babies on a big mat, and guess what?! He won! Woo! Well, he mostly cried (it was very cold last night- we were totally dressed in about 50 layers) and wandered around trying to find me. The other babies were falling and toddling like they were supposed to do but Tanner officially broke the crepe paper finish line. So he was declared winner. He got to keep his t-shirt and bragging rights.

On the way back inside the dugout (oh yeah, that's how we roll) we saw Ken Griffey Sr. I almost crapped my pants! I am a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, and to meet him and be two feet away from him was a big unexpected surprise. Not to mention I was freaking out being on the field, under the stadium, in the DUGOUT! It was minor league but I didn't care, it was so much bigger than I thought it would be. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a bat girl for the Reds so much. OMG, I love basketball, especially my Wildcats, but baseball was my childhood love and since having kids I haven't been able to go to many games but the love hasn't died. If anything, last night was a good reminder to me, to go to more games and take the kids with me to share the love. I kept telling Zoe and Parker how lucky they were to be having the experience and they were so like whatever. I hope someday they recall last night fondly.

My only regret was not having my camera, we were going to use Paul's phone but seriously, we were so excited, we couldn't think straight. CBS news was there taping a segment on the team because they sell out consistently (for the last 11 years) and it is considered to be one of the top family outings in the nation. So I am hoping Tanner will make his national tv debut on the Sunday show. If you watch, and it shows the race, he was the one crying in the red shirt.

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