Wednesday, April 7, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Yummy yogurt cheeks!

I have really been doing a lot of self-teaching/researching/reading/thinking about food for the past year since I started Weight Watchers. I know things that I didn't know before and it has really had an effect on our family. We are buying mostly organic produce, dairy, and meat (if it is available) and we are eating other organic products as we try them and like them. I am positive it is making us healthier. I am considering joining one of those CSAs (where you get produce directly from a local farmer), I am using my bread making machine at least once a week and we are all eating way more fruits and veggies then ever before.

But you know what I read (sorry can't remember where) that really struck a cord with me? It was in regards to choosing what to eat, it said something like, "if you won't feed it to a baby or eat it while you are pregnant, do you really think you should eat it?" Wow! Simple, easy, memorable, and true.

Of course, I think M&M's are exempt because all my kids had them during their time cooking in my oven and as their first real candy, I just can't resist those little chubby toddler fingers grabbing for a teeny chocolatey treat and no matter how healthy we are striving to be, we won't give them up. So on that note, I am going to go move around, all this Easter candy is soooo... tempting.

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