Wednesday, April 21, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday and updates

Update: April get organized challenge

Here are all of Zoe's baking things: Easy Bake Oven, Cupcake maker, Princess Baker, etc. etc. etc. They fit in a ginormous tub. Not the little ones you use for Legos or something, the big ones you store your kid's outgrown clothes in. This bin has been moved to the basement. We had to get it out once already so she could make a mess, I mean, make some treats. It was actually kind of nice, because I just put it on the floor and told her she had to put everything back when she was done. Guess what, she did. Might be the first time.
Here is the cabinet before I took all her schmag out... I'll show you the "after" some other time.

Update: house for sale

OK, my Facebook friends already know this but our potential buyers are coming back Tuesday (in one week) to look at our house for the third time. Alright, if I wasn't a high-strung worry wart before, I have definitely crossed over to the dark side. Apparently, the man/husband wants a walk-out basement. Our house does not have a walk out. BUT he is a big golf fan, our home IS on a golf course, hole #8 to be exact. Which would you choose? The house with an extra door (our competition does have a walk out, but it is not as pretty as my house, or as new- yes I am biased, get over it) OR would you pick an "estate" home on a golf course, which happens to be your #1 hobby?! (By the way, yes, our house is considered an "estate" in our neighborhood, we paid extra for that, so I can throw that term around all I want.) Ugh, I am going to lose my mind or gain 50 pound from this adventure.

Which leads me to this...

Update: Watchin' my weight Wednesday

The good folks at M&Ms are trying to kill me. It is a conspiracy. It truly is. First, they made those peanut butter ones, then almond, then dark chocolate, then mint, then cherry, then krispy, and now this! My two favorite snacks all rolled into one! You can't be serious!? In my defense, Parker spotted these at a recent Wal-mart trip. We bought one little bag and he and I shared them with Tanner. I'm not sure how many the boys actually ate. Everything in moderation, right? Isn't that the key to long-term weight loss success?!?

I was back at Wal-mart Monday (I don't usually go that often, but anyway) and Parker said, "look mommy, dere's dose yummy MM's" to which I replied, "yep, let's go." Score one for me. It was like they were calling my name as I stood there waiting for our cashier to blow her nose about six times before she could check us out. Yuck, hand sanitizer anyone? I quickly realized if I got them, it would be a result of stress, not true hunger or cravings.

If you haven't tried them yet, they are DELICIOUS! You want to go to Wal-mart now don't you? Just do the self check out.

Update: my 5K goal

I am going to attempt to run my 5K Saturday morning. It is the same day as Zoe's dance pictures, Parker's soccer game, and hubby's school prom. Should make for a fun-filled day. I probably won't have a picture to show since it is early and my family probably won't be there to cheer me on at the finish, as I imagined, but I will share my (pathetic) time.

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Kristin said...

What time and where? I will go cheer you on even if your family won't.