Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring things

Ok, so this hat is a bit too small... but isn't he just the cutest!? Don't you just love how his finger is poised to ring the bell? He loves to ring the bell, so fun.

I wore flip flops for the first time since last year.
I made it to spinning at 5:30 even though I was up late (until midnight) screaming at the NCAA final game, seriously, I could go on forever about how mad I am that Duke (can't believe I just typed that name on my blog!) won...
Parker gave me a dandelion, "just cos I love you mommy" he said.
Our trees have flowers on them.
My tulips are blooming.
I plan on doing about 10 loads of laundry, oh yeah, we have that much.
I sorted out my old coupons and ready to add new ones to the binder.
I listed our house on Craigslist myself, screw those nasty realtors.
I might make it to the grocery today, need produce, baaaaaaad.
I finished switching the kid's closets from winter to summer clothes.
I ate PB & J for breakfast on toast, yummo.
It is going to be 83 degrees, yes!
I found three new recipes I want to make this week, hence, need to go to the grocery.
I am feeling happy.

Another thing to share... totally random...
I heard my alarm go off this morning when I was right in the middle of a dream. In my dream, I was at a party for 5K runners. (Whatever, they don't have those, I don't think!) An old boyfriend was there and he was telling me how I messed up his whole life by not staying with him, blah blah. (Just a note, I haven't thought of said boy for about 20 years or so, weird!) Then, this is the kicker, Alice Cooper, yes, him, came up to me wearing spandex shorts no less, and said, "you're lookin' good kiddo, keep it up." Then he gave me a football player butt smack, you know, like the kind they do after they huddle. If you are a dream analyzer, that one should keep you busy for a while.

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Sarah said...

I am cracking up! Alice Cooper huh? Very intersting :)