Friday, April 30, 2010

teacher appreciation

I got my hair cut last night, boy is it short! Woo, my Jo (I always call her "my") was a teeny bit ticked off at the salon desk girlies. Her client before me was 25 minutes late and so she was trying to do her color (foil highlights of course) around my hair cut appointment. I am never late and she was mad that the desk girlies didn't tell the other client she had to wait or reschedule. I was of course just thinking she was late so I was enjoying reading all the Us and People I could get my hands on, I didn't care. When it got time to do my hair she was irritated, I don't blame her, but I think she took it out on my hair. Oh well, it will grow right?! I swear I am not mad at her, she always gives me the best service, just wondering how long it will take to grow this one out a bit. Those desk girlies by the way are so annoying, all they do is gab gab gab, and check themselves in the mirrors, I have had issues with them before, just sayin'.
I look a little bit crazed in this picture because I was cracking up at Tanner. He was loving seeing us both on the computer monitor, he stood up on my lap and gave the monitor a kiss! He was giggling as we took this. So funny.

Teacher Appreciation
Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, at least I think it is! Anyway, I plan on doing the same thing I did last year (which is an idea I totally stole from my friend, Kristin) and that is give them all a box of Girl Scout cookies with a nice tag/note. Everyone seemed very appreciative remarking, "oh these are my favorites," or "mine are all gone, thanks." I kind of feel like if the wheel isn't squeakin' don't oil it. So I am sticking with what works.

This year my hubby is at a new school so I get to resurrect all my tried and true tricks for his secretaries and office ladies (and cafeteria ladies, and aides, and crossing guards, and, well you get the idea!). This is what I put together for his secretaries for "Administrative Professional's Day", sorry it was a couple weeks ago and I forgot to share them then. Oops!

I got these adorable Vera Bradley wallet/clutch things. I put in some Burt Bee's lip stuff, a sample hand lotion, and a Dove chocolate bar. Done. I was so wanting to keep one for myself, but I didn't. The whole thing was less than $20 each and I thought that was pretty good because his secretaries are super nice and they deserve tons more.

I thought this could be adapted for a teacher too (end of the year is approaching!), if you happen to like her, he he he. Honestly, I give my "biggest" gifts at the end of the year to be able to say an appropriate "thank you." Christmas, teacher appreciation, and other holidays are just a chance to show that they are in fact appreciated.

I used to be a teacher and I never wanted my students to get me anything, I always felt they couldn't afford it, most of them couldn't where I taught. The poor things would come in with dollar store stuff, so proud to give me a gift, bless their hearts. But I hope Zoe and Parker's teachers like all the goodies we give them. I never give them mugs or apple-y things, past experience dictates those are not allowed. I'm pretty sure they do, I have great taste, too bad my budget doesn't allow me to indulge.

By the way, I give the cookies to all their teachers: dance, swimming, bus driver, gym, music, art, etc. Another reason why the gifts must be on the "smaller" side.


Kerri said...

So many things to say about your post!
1. I like your hair...very cute and stylish!
2. I am NEVER late either...mainly because even the thought of being late makes my stomach sickish! But, I do take pride in being on time.
3. My son loves to give little gifts to his teacher and bus driver about once a month. We too give something nicer at the end of the year. I have a few friends who find this ridiculous because "it's their job". But I think when you appreciate someone and they do a good job ( all of a sudden I am feeling the need to do a post on this topic!) then giving them something is a very kind gesture.
Have a great weekend!

Becca said...

I love your hair! Cute, cute, cute!
I'm getting super sick of mine! I'm not for sure when teacher appreciation is either...May 4th I think. Wish they'd give a little heads up in mid-April or something! Like your administrative assistant gifts...your hubs is lucky he has such a creative woman! Have a great weekend...good luck with the house!