Monday, April 26, 2010


Well I did it. I ran my first 5K in 7 years! The last one I did was when Zoe was a baby. I was definitely a lot faster then. I did finish ahead of the walkers, I think I was finishing about 32 minutes. Not terrible, not great, just done. It was horribly rainy and my mp3 player was not cooperating until mile 2 so I am blaming those factors on my less than stellar results. It was fun to do I hope to another maybe next month or so.

on my playlist for the race:
lots of Black Eyed Peas (old songs b/c my mp3 player is old and won't let me download any new ones- probably going to have to upgrade to an ipod soon, grr, I don't like those earbuds, I like my big DJ headphones, anyway...)
Jay Z- Big Pimpin'
The Dixie Chicks- Long Time Gone
ELO- It's A Livin' Thing
The Police- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
K.T. Tunsdall- Suddenly I See (my ending song, played as I ran to the finish line)


Becca said...

AWESOME! Congrats!

Kerri said...

Good job on your 5k! I just ran my second one ( and hopefully last!) two weeks ago.