Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I seriously cannot get this boy to stop clowning around for a decent picture of him! Urgh!

Yesterday my little man turned four. Sniff sniff, I am so sad that he has reached this milestone. It seems so big but I know it is still so young. We were talking about him being such a "big boy" and he said, "don't worry mommy, I am still your little buddy." I feel a really strong bond with him because when he was an infant, my husband broke his wrist and was not able to hold him for almost a year. Consequently, we had major together time. He thinks he is so grown up but I know secretly he likes to cuddle like a baby and tells me he loves me all the time, when no one is listening of course! He is a major ball boy/superhero/daredevil/lover of all things creepy. I am excited to have his celebration this weekend, all he wanted was for his friends to come over and play ball with him. He has requested pizza and cake for the menu. Gotta love him. Happy Birthday PJ.

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