Thursday, October 8, 2009


Happy Fall Y'all!

It is full force fall around here and honestly I hate it. I hate cold weather and snow and all the icky-ness of slushy driving, oh wait that's winter, close enough. I do hate wearing coats and being cold. I do however, love the colors of fall and fall festivities. Pumpkin getting, carving, trick or treating, pulling the jeans out of the back of my closet, making chili and drinking cider, all those thing I love, cold, not so much. This weekend is my favorite day(s) of the year, the annual Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville, Ohio. My absolute most favorite, better than Christmas, day is the day I get to go scour antique shops and craft booths amid sauerkraut foods (including cheesecake and pizza!). I am hoping I get to go. I haven't been able to go for two years because it has been Parker's birthday so keep your fingers crossed for me. How many weight watchers points do you think a sauerkraut sundae is? Hmm, gotta research that one. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying fall in their neck of the woods.


Becca said...

mmm...that sound delightful! hope you get to go! your kids are too cute!

Sarah said...

Love the picture-love Waynesville! What a fabulous place especially this time of year.