Monday, October 26, 2009

two projects & my Monday menu

bonsai table: before (Parker luuuuved helping me sand this table before painting)
lamp: beforebonsai table: after (in our study- someday I hope to get a big cushy chair for here)
lamp: after (sorry bad picture quality)I just love on some painting projects, especially small ones. My hubby is a total science guy who loves all things critter, including plants. He has a particular affinity for bonsai trees, I think it is silly, because most of the ones he buys end up dying. But I tend to indulge him, they are usually cheaper than the boat he forever talks about getting. One he got last winter requires warmer weather so we have been on the hunt for a table to rest his little tree. I found this one at the thrift store for.... $8.99! Woo! Some black paint and new drawer pulls and voila! The same can of paint also restyled this lamp. I did the same thing for my side of the bed a while ago and I finally found a lamp that is a close match to the one I did before. Now we have "matching" lamps. Actually the shades are the same, the bases are slightly different. The lamp cost a whopping.....$2.99. Double Woo! It is such a joy to finish some little things around the house that don't involve Tide or paper towels (I'm referring to cleaning, in case you didn't get that.)

Here is my menu for this week:
  • rigatoni bake and red pepper olive focaccia bread
  • red beans and rice and sausage
  • enchilada casserole
  • shrimp fettuchini Alfredo and salads
  • vegetable soup and deli sandwiches
  • leftover buffet
I am not sure what days I am making what dish, hubby has conferences at school and their soccer team just keeps winning (which means he has to go to more games) so it might be kind of crazy. Some meals might have to carry over for next week but that just means less planning later!

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