Monday, August 8, 2011

finally got it

It only took me four kids to learn how to swaddle a baby just right! (here is my sweetie at the hospital) I am finally a pro. I heard this funny bit recently, not sure where but here it is: having kids is like making pancakes, the first one is ok but the rest turn out perfectly. Just something I was giggling about earlier, and wanted to share.

Hope everyone is doing ok out there in blog-land, this organized mommy is having a little trouble getting her head wrapped around the fact that school is starting in a couple weeks! Argh! I have so much I want to do before then! Yikes. Take care all. Be back soon.


Becca said...

mmmm...look at that sweet little bundle! I want to pick him up and snuggle him. It makes my heart ache for a tiny little baby...and for how fast time flies by! Enjoy your time, Jenny! I know how you feel about school...ours starts next Monday! I'm so not ready!!!

Jess said...

wow!!!! congrats!!! i remember swaddling my first...and she was like houdini (sp?) and get an arm out every time!!! i love that no matter where you live...the hospital baby blankets are the same! take one moment at a time and cherish it all!!!

Sarah said...

That baby Asher's round little heard and sweet ear is making me CRAZY! I can only imagine what he smells like-pure perfection!

Hope all is going well. School starts here next week and I am certainly not ready with no excuse like having a newborn ;)