Tuesday, August 16, 2011

not quite

Becca (All Stocked Up) asked me if I was feeling like a supermodel after giving birth since the load was significantly lifted, hmm not quite yet. I was actually feeling pretty good about the state of my body (most importantly my belly) when I was getting dressed this morning. So out of sheer curiosity, I tried to put on a pair of my regular jeans (not maternity). I was able to wiggle them up to my mid-thigh and that was it. Hmm. I wasn't discouraged, yet. I mean, it's only been 16 days since I had a baby, I know my bod isn't back to normal this soon.

Then I got the courage to get on the scale. Not good. I typically don't even watch as I get weighed during my last trimester of pregnancy, (let alone weigh myself a mere two weeks after giving birth!) it is just too depressing. Today was not a good day to weigh in. I was still not completely bummed. I had originally thought I would wait a solid month before stepping up to the scale. Today I was temporarily insane I think. I solemly put on my yoga pants and started the day.

A bit later, we got our bus notices for the kids in the mail and I was kind of irritated when I saw that the kindergarten bus stop was not in front of our house. My Parker is the only kindergartner on the street, you'd think they would pick him up right here. Instead, I have to walk down (and back up) our big hill three times a day (once for Zoe's pick up, once for Parker's and then at the end of the day.) You know I am not one to complain about extra opportunities to exercise but I do have to drag two babies with me to the bus stop each time, that is what is making me grumpy!

So anyway, I was telling Zoe about it and she said, "well that's good mommy, maybe all that walking will make you lose some of this." And she proceeded to smack my giggly belly. That is when I realized I was far from super model status!


Kerri said...

I hear ya on the bus thing. Brady will be the only one on our street getting picked up this year...and we still have to walk up the hill to the other street. Of course, I don't have two little ones to get ready to go to the bus stop...so I'll just shut my mouth! Love the picture...so SWEET!

Beloved's Bride said...

Awww. I still try not to get on the scale and my baby is almost 2! You just take your time and enjoy that baby and don't worry about the rest right now.

Love the pictures!

Kristin said...

that little stinker! Hopefully it won't be a bad winter and maybe one or both of the babies will be napping at Parker's drop off??

Becca said...

Now Jenny...you cannot be weighing yourself already! Tsk, Tsk. You will get rid of all that baby weight in no time flat! Just enjoy that sweet little bundle while he's still so darn tiny {that pick of Asher and Zoe is too cute}. Just enjoy that you can bend at the waist for now :) the rest will come along! Don't be so hard on yourself...

hugs to you and your sweet family!

Sarah said...

Is it a full moon or something? Stop doing such crazy things as weighing yourself! Put the scale in the back of the closet for goodness sakes. I do remember doing that trying on of jeans thing and it was super horrible, but you know what, that weight eventually just melted away and it will do the same for you ;)

I bet the school bus will change its stop if you give them a call. Doesn't Big Tall Hubby still have connections :) Knoxville is an awful school bus town. If the boys rode the bus the stop is two very large blocks away-it makes no sense I tell ya.

Jill said...

That picture is so precious! Don't worry about the weight...you just had a baby! ;-)Enjoy this time and the rest can wait. Have a great night!