Friday, August 26, 2011

thank you Ernst Chain

Thank you to Ernst Chain, who is thought to be one of the founders of modern day antibiotics. I am forever in your debt sir. I am finally starting to feel better. Not like myself, sleep deprivation will do that to a gal but better none the less. I am hoping to catch up on everyone's posts and then share our back to school stories next week. I hope all of the kiddos have made it back to school (or will be shortly) and all the mommies out there are enjoying a little well-deserved peace and quiet.


Beloved's Bride said...

I am glad you are starting to feel better!

Such a precious picture!

Kristin said...

Tanner looks so big. And Asher is such a sweetie. Glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to hear about the kids first day.

Jill said...

So glad you are feeling better! :-)
My little Kathleen has now developed a cough ugh! Hoping it disapears by Weds.! LOL Her first day of Kindergarten!

This is such a sweet picture!

Have a good week.


Jen said...

Oh so glad you feel better! Your baby is so precious...and look how sweet your kids are all together! Hope you have a much better week!