Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sometimes your tried and true methods don't work

My last post, like a week or so ago (jeez, busy much?) I shared how a binder saved me. Well here was my coupon binder a while ago... based on the photo, Valentine's day perhaps? It was a disaster. I swear, this binder used to be so efficient. I modeled it after those crazy people on Extreme Couponing (I love that wacky show). It was glorious. I had pockets for my calculator, my rebates, my pens, scissors and baseball card holders for each coupon. Oh the organized loveliness. THEN, I had a baby. Hello, no time, no free hands, and no room on the shopping cart for a giant binder! So I had to regroup. Literally. 
I decided to go back to my old coupon organizing system, a plain accordion file folder with general categories based on my store's layout. 

First I wrote down the layout of the store (as I was shopping one time) I kind of knew it but I wanted it to be exact. (Always the perfectionist!) Then I made little tab labels. And then I resorted all my coupons. I kept my zippered pouches for "coupons to file" and "use next trip" because they are really handy.
 I put everything in this little Longaberger. (It is hard to see, but it is really shallow) I put the weekly sale flyers in here too along with the uncut coupons, until I can get to them, sometimes the night before my shopping trip. Argh! Darn kids. I keep the basket in my pantry and just pull it out as I can, usually while I am catching up on the Real Housewives of Orange County, love that show too!
 I hated to see my old zipper binder go. In fact, I just put it in my basement with my other organizers. I think I'll go back to it someday. It was so awesome to see all my coupons rather than flipping through them in a file but honestly, it just wasn't making sense right now. Isn't that what organizing in general is all about? Wow, I'm getting all philosophical today! 
I hope everyone has a great week. I am working on potty training, not me, Tanner, and so I am spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Oh joy. Hope to catch up with you all soon.


Jill said...

Looking good! I used to precut all my coupons but now they are neatly stacked in a basket and I go through them before shopping. I just can't seem to find that extra time. Perhaps when they are both back in school and all day I will get tons done! LOL that's the plan anyway :-)


Bring Pretty Back said...


Bring Pretty Back said...

Ignore that last comment with the letter K ! I was checking to see if my profile pic was changes - it wasn't ... so I had to go do it again . I am so impressed with our organization ! You would prob not even be friends with me if you saw my office! haha!
Thank you so much for your comment on my photo!!! That was so nice of you to say!
It was time for the cartoon to go!
Have a pretty day!

Kerri said...

You are just so organized girl! I go in spurts (or spirts?) with the coupons. I know I could do much better....just lazy I guess! I like that you say you do what works for you right now.