Thursday, June 21, 2012

save those buttons!

Just something for you to think about... back to school shopping will be here before you know it! ARGH!
Big Tall Hubby got some new shirts for Father's Day, and a way cool new hat and some new dock shoes. Man, he is one lucky dude. And a well dressed one to boot. I'm a little jealous. Anyway.

I always save the extra buttons that come with a new shirt. Well, duh, you do too right? Well, I am so on it, I put the tag in the teeny baggie after I cut them off and voila, I know exactly what shirt that button goes to. See the little description "grey", it helps I tell ya. Now, for those stores that have plainish tags, I would just write, "grey Jos. Bank shirt". I know, I'm a genius. Hold your applause, please. If they don't have one of those teensy baggies, I have a stash that have used for crafts and treats. Or if I am feeling lazy, I just toss the button in the pile. But don't picture that, imagine my perfectly organized buttons why don't ya?

I keep all my buttons in a drawer in my sewing cabinet.  Someday on my "to do" list, you will see "clean out button" drawer, cos, man, do I have a lot of buttons!

Have a happy weekend all!


Kerri said...

Well aren't you clever! I just have a whole lot of little bags with buttons that I have no idea where they belong! Plus, I have never even sewed a button before. But, I have them just in case I ever do decide to put one back on!

Sarah said...

Boy organized mommy, you sure are being organized! I must admit that I don't save buttons{unless they are really cute, then I craft with them}, but if I did this would be brilliant.

Yes, leave the egg out of the fried rice you little veggie head :) It will be just fine without it. And add more veggies{I meant to say that in my post}. Bok Choy and all sorts of other stuff would be awesome in it.

Erin D said...

We love Joseph A Banks! I bet your hubby looks handsome :)

Jill said...

LOL Those extra buttons for me usually go in the trash or to a craft project ;-)
Have a great week!


Jen said...

I so throw mine in a drawer. And not even the same drawer...just the one near by.

Becca said...

You are the best organized Mommy! I save all mine, only I have no clue about what they go on {thank goodness I've NEVER had to use one}! I'm going to steal your very organized tip and then I will know just what button to put where IF I ever do need one.