Monday, June 11, 2012

summer can finally begin

Summer is kicking our butts around here. Oh my goodness, we have been so busy. Crazy busy. We had dance recitals (three of them!), graduation, graduation parties, in law visits, end of the year cookouts, baseball starting, house showings, doctor check ups, big tall hubby's summer classes... I think there is more but honestly, I forget. Let's just say, I've been kind of swamped. 

Yesterday was the first day we stayed home and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I loved it. I even closed my eyes for a minute on the couch. I did not nap. When I nap, things go awry (like chandeliers get pulled out of the ceiling- true story) but I did close my eyes during the commercial break of E.T. Thank you Hub channel for having long commercials!

I've only been surviving this summer so far because I have been making everyone work around here. I have been posting a chore list every day. They don't like it very much but I am being a dictator and they better just do it without complaining or no cookies! See how mean I am. 

 Everyone has to work. No one is exempt.

Don't call the feds or anything! I obviously do not make Asher work! He is just obsessed with the vacuum and Swiffer. Smart boy, I think I like him best of all. ;)

I hope to catch up on everyone's posts this week. I am missing my bloggy mommas!
Have a great week. Let the summer fun begin.

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Jill said...

LOL Love these pictures! I know what you mean about summer in full swing! Never seems to be any down time!
Have a great night.