Tuesday, February 23, 2010

keeping up with the Wallers

In between our stomach flu "incidents" we have been so busy. Now just so no one thinks I am being irresponsible and mindlessly spreading the stomach flu, on this day, no one had any symptoms and we thought we were all recovered. Flash forward 24 hours, and we had another one biting the dust, but on this day, there was no signs of sickness.

Our Saturday
Zoe had a dance competition: they got "silver" for both ballet and tap, a special "judges choice" award for ballet and overall 4th place in ballet.
Their song for ballet this year is Mary Poppins, that is Zoe in the middle with the huge grin (it's hard to tell when all the girls have their makeup and hair, they kind of look the same), she absolutely loves performing. I swear she is like a total different kid on stage, so graceful and poised, and I am not just saying that 'cos I'm her momma.
practicing her moves

Their tap song is the theme from Charlie Brown. The girls are all "Lucy" and Noah is "Charlie" so stinkin' cute. I love the choreograhpy for this song it is so perfect. Noah has been in our classes since Zoe started dance and the teachers do a great job picking songs that highlight having a boy in class while allowing the girls to be girly. I didn't get a good picture of this costume, hopefully next time.
Parker had a basketball game at 9:00 AM, you're killin' me YMCA! Can we start a little later, it is so hard to get everyone out the door that early...
He of course got a shot and thought he was the king of the court. Then he proceeded to lay on the mat while waiting for his next turn and wouldn't get up, ugh, 4 year olds!

(for some reason I can't rearrange my pictures, but you get the idea)

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Kristin said...

Zoe looks so grown up! and look at Parker on the court--he IS king of the court.