Wednesday, February 24, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

pink pancakes for Valentine's day (I also used the cookie cutter to make everyone a heart shaped one- I know, Martha would be so proud of me) just add food coloring to your batter, your family will think you are a genius

If I don't have an increase on the scale for this month, it will be a miracle. I have been sustaining myself on toast for about three weeks. In fact, I think I have eaten more bread in the last three weeks, than I have eaten in the last year. Seriously, who can eat food when you have the stomach flu and your entire family is passing it around to each other and you have to clean it up? OK, I promise that is the last time I am going to complain about our recent ailments (although trust me it was baaaaaaad!).

One of the things I have learned on my weight loss journey is to indulge every so often or else I go crazy. Believe it or not, I have only had M&M's twice (!) since I started Weight Watchers almost a year ago. Shocking, I know. I used to have them almost every day! Now I try to find little touches of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth like Fiber One bars or I share a Reece's cup with my kids (I always give them the biggest piece.). I also have found substituting to be a great way to not feel deprived. Like our pancake Sundays have not ceased. We still have them but now I use Fiber One pancake mix or a homemade version that uses cottage cheese (do not tell my family, they will surely start puking again!). I can indulge in those yummy things without feeling guilty or worrying that I am eating the wrong thing. I couldn't continue on this journey if I felt like I always had to be "good" or never eat sweet yummy goodies.

With that in mind, wish me luck as I weigh in tomorrow...

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Becca said...

I just had a minute to catch up...Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry you've been dealing with the flu...again! Hope you're all better now and enjoying life as normal!