Friday, January 23, 2009

mini pebble pictures

So I am late as can be posting about these but I still think they are worthy of sharing...
I made these for my female family members for Christmas. These were just an "add on" gift, I like to make something homemade for them to accompany their regular presents. They are smaller versions of the ones I made for Paul's secretaries and other office ladies last year. I totally copied them from Becky Higgins, actually she made the 8x10 size and I changed them to be these 5x7 versions. I think they are so cute. They are super easy and believe it or not, I started making them last summer! Zoe loves to help me decoupage the pebbles so it was an activity we did together. Assembling them was easy, just cut everything and glue, glue, glue. You can probably find directions with exact measurements on Becky Higgins' blog, just remember she made them first in 2007.

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