Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here they are after their haircuts yesterday, all fresh and cute as ever.Tanner looks so serious but he was the best boy ever. He smiled and giggled and even talked about his "mohawk" when she was cutting the top. He didn't flinch or cry or anything! Yes!!! A small victory I will take.
He looks so big now! OMG, it is killing me! The Great Clips gals did a super job and told me my kids were "so sweet" why thanks ladies.
No more crazy Gary Busey curls, *sniff* but I love how he just looks so adorably little boyish and you couldn't have seen a prouder boy. He was telling everyone that he got a hair cut and he was about to bust when big tall daddy got home and he could show him his new 'do.

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Kerri said...

He looks adorable Jen!!