Thursday, June 9, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

My song recommendation for this week is "Hot Lunch" from the original Fame movie. Not sure why, maybe it is all the dancing Zoe did lately? Anyway, I love this song, always have. I still have my original Fame soundtrack record. I so wanted to go to this school when I was a youngin'. Cincinnati has a school for performing arts (you may have seen the MTV show about it?) and I wanted to go there too but you have to live within city limits and I have always lived on the outskirts. This movie and TV show are what prompted me to start playing cello way back in grade school. *sigh* I think Zoe would excel at a school like this too, I have never seen a kid liven up like she does at the idea of performing. This song is fun, fast, and has cute lyrics, a definite download for your Ipod.

P.S. Has anyone watched any of our favorite childhood movies? Holy moly, the sexual references and innuendos are insane. Of course I had no idea what that all meant back then but I do now. I have been wanting to watch "Grease" with Zoe forever but I just can't do it yet. Too many things I'd have to explain. Is it weird that I knew every word to every song at age 5? And I used to act out scenes from the movie? Hmm, something to think about...

Have you checked out the new food guidelines put out by the FDA? It is all about the "my plate" campaign. You should definitely give it a look-see. I find it to be quite refreshing and much easier to follow than our old food pyramid and food guidelines. I hope it helps a lot of people get healthy. It reminds me a lot of the Weight Watchers' plan, and you all know I believe in that 100%!

I just saw one of my mommy friends at the pool yesterday who lost a whole bunch of weight on Weight Watchers and she looks so fabulous. Her success is going to be a good reminder for me to get back in the saddle after the baby is born. If you are reading, hot momma, I am very proud of you!!!! :)

Speaking of weight (ha, it is Wednesday, isn't it? Oops, I just realized it is THURSDAY!!!!! Blame pregnancy brain!)...

At Zoe's first recital (of the three), one of the other dance moms said, "Wow, you really got big this time didn't you?" In a very not nice kind of way. Seriously, I am not kidding. She said it. I promise. I almost fell to the floor. Not only did she say it but she said it in front of a whole bunch of other team moms and it was just mortifying to me. This was so humiliating. I was so sad. I held back tears until I got home and then I let them fly. I actually tried to dress rather pretty (as pretty as you can with a watermelon belly.) for the whole weekend, trying to disguise the fact that I am weeks away from delivering a human being. If I am at a function to support my child, I try to look nice. Actually, I try to look nice every day and some days of course are better than others.

I am seriously going to find a way to do some sort of public service announcement about the things you should say to pregnant women. I have said it before and I will say it again... lie people, lie a lot, tell every preggers you know and those you don't that they look beautiful and so tiny! I still cannot believe that people feel that it is ok to comment on MY body regardless of it's condition. My big tall hubby tells me that people are just trying to make conversation about the obvious and they don't mean to be so hurtful but I completely disagree. I have never told a pregnant woman she looks big. I will never. I only say positive things. Things that will make her feel better. "Cute top!" or "Your hair looks so great, did you get it cut?" or "You look so small, I can't believe you are going to have a baby in a few weeks!" Will you please join my quest to make pregnant women everywhere feel beautiful?

Just a side note: I have edited this post slightly from its original. I felt like I was being just as mean as the dance mom who spoke rudely to me. I didn't change the story, just some of my ranting. So if you are reading it and reading a comment and it doesn't make sense, you will understand why.


Beloved's Bride said...

I am sure that other mothers were not so happy with her comment as well even if they did not speak up to her. It is a good thing I wasn't there. I would have let my horns that secretly hold up my halo come out! Err! I don't tend to put up with people being rude to pregnant woman. Children are a blessing and woman that are pregnant are blessed by being opened to having Children. So, I tend to correct their behavior as if they are a two year old. "Now, honey! It would be better if you said it this way... The way you said it made it sound as if you have no fruit of the Spirit in your life at all." ;) Obviously, I am not worried about having friends who are unkind. (giggle)

Kerri said...

You always look great Jenny...and I'm sure you're even more beautiful pregnant. Only a few weeks to go...can't be! That went too fast...well, probably not for you! You must of shared your news late with us!

I remember watching Fame...had the soundtrack. I loved Danny...he sang that one song...Friday night!